Royal Mail delays: 'I'm still waiting for Christmas cards'

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Royal Mail delays: 'I'm still waiting for Christmas cards'

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Our readers have been lamenting long delays in getting post delivered and sent.

Rodney Wirdnam's postal delivery woes chimed with the experience of Adver readers this week.

He complained on our letters page about delays that meant he received a whole week's worth of correspondence on one day while some mail took a week to travel two miles.

Here's what others said about it on our social media...

Nicola Jane Warren: "I received some post yesterday that was sent over two and three weeks ago."

Pauline Hobbs: "I sent a card 7th July to New Zealand, arrived yesterday 25th."

Val Tullett: "I am awaiting a large letter posted in Surrey over a week ago, first class!"

Daphne Castle: "I sent a letter first class on wed the 13 of July to Harwich it still hasn’t been delivered yet."

Stephen Robbs: "This was guaranteed from the moment it was privatised, so look at the government for somewhere to blame."

Wendy Parry Astor: "I'm still waiting for two, or even three, Christmas cards and I always make sure I post birthday cards several days in advance. Don't trust next-day first class delivery."

Sara Fernandez: "Same an NHS appointment for the 25th July dated 12th and didn't get it till 22nd. Disgusting service."

Alison McGregor: "We tend to get a load on one day and then nothing then a repeat."

Robert Martin: "Privatisation working so well."

Sarah Fallon: "Yep. Can go days with nothing then weeks worth in one hit."

Christine Henderson: "Don’t blame the posties … majority of us do our best."

Wayne Hunt: "A letter with an important prescription from Taunton to Swindon never turned up."

Hannah Henderson: "This was sent over some of the hottest days ever in the UK so maybe we can cut them a bit of slack. Also, if you're complaining about the cost of a stamp, your friend could have spent that money on petrol and delivered it to you themselves same day delivery."

Maria Stephenson: "Our post lady in Covingham is amazing, she goes above & beyond. Debbie if you see this Thank you."

Lauren Ak Page: "I haven't have any post for 10 days, the second time this month this has happened."

Zoe Jones: "We have had the same. We also have to track our post down as it gets put through any old door. Daily occurrence of one of us down our street delivering the mail lol. No problem with regular postie just when someone fills in the problem occurs."
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Re: Royal Mail delays: 'I'm still waiting for Christmas cards'

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I find this all very hard to believe ;liar

The network is running as normal and the service is generally good.

If this is actually true, there must be some delivery offices in a right old muddle ?
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Re: Royal Mail delays: 'I'm still waiting for Christmas cards'

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Lapsing walks answers 90% of these quotes
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Re: Royal Mail delays: 'I'm still waiting for Christmas cards'

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robson144 wrote:
01 Aug 2022, 22:14
Lapsing walks answers 90% of these quotes
And failing them everyday doesnt help
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