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sick pay stopped for over 6 weeks...

12 Sep 2020, 15:20

my sick pay was stopped after i was abused by a manager in the delivery office i work at. i was initially of sick from due to work related stress starting from 21st july 2020. my doctor initially signed me of for 2 weeks. i rang in to let my manager know that i will not be coming into work as i dont feel well. i was told to forward my sick note via whatsapp to another manager. i texted in my sick note as requested. during this 2 week period i only received a phone call twice from management i did text them back as i dint feel to talk to anyone and told them i would rather text.
on 4th august i received a phone from senior management telling me that my pay will be stopped from the day i went of sick because i dint follow the policy of royal mail, on this same phone call i was abused by this manager, called a liar about my illness, threatened and false accusations was made against me. this further added to my stress and i felt really hurt by this. i felt suicidal and this has changed me. i phoned my doctor the next day and told him how i felt and what was happening. he has since signed me of work with anxiety and depression. my pay was stopped from the 7th august but since then i havent been paid a single penny as they are taking my SSP aswell because my pay was stopped from 21st july but payment got stopped from the 4th august, so its like they are taking back what they think they are owed.
so since then i havent been paid, i went in for a meeting that i wasnt mentally fit enough to go in for on the 26th august, manager was persistent that i ring her every tuesday at 12:30. reluctantly i agreed to this. on the 1st august i rang her and she told me my pay would be reinstated from the day i had the meeting which was on the 26th august. since then i still have not been paid, i was also referred to the OHS who told me i was not fit enough to go back to work, that i had severe depression and anxiety.

i have contacted the union and told them i havent been paid and financially now i am suffering. i havent heard from them since the last 4 days now, i also emailed dionne noel as this is very serious now and im suffering my illness has really deteriated.

i rang HR also yesterday and they told me my payment was still suspended.

now i dont know what to do.. im getting no help at all.

sick pay stopped for over 6 weeks...

13 Sep 2020, 19:52

Why do you not get the union involved?

sick pay stopped for over 6 weeks...

13 Sep 2020, 21:31

k979aaa wrote:Why do you not get the union involved?

Re -read the ops post he has contacted union an heard nothing in 4 days wtf seriously :arrrghhh

sick pay stopped for over 6 weeks...

13 Sep 2020, 21:32

Dont know who dionne noel is anyone know.

sick pay stopped for over 6 weeks...

14 Sep 2020, 11:14

This is typical of royal mail and doesn't surprise me one little bit. I was in an almost exact same position two years ago. They threatened me , tried to suspend my pay , my union rep contacted union head office and they contacted the area manager and he put a stop to them suspending my pay , and also to not contact me at all only through my union rep. Management left me alone after that. I was off for five months with work related stress , which led to depression and anxiety caused by my Dom harassing and bullying me over a long period. I sympathize and understand where you are try to remember that your health and wellbeing is more important than the job. Only the union can sort this situation out for you. Good luck my friend and remember stay strong.

sick pay stopped for over 6 weeks...

14 Sep 2020, 12:28

If you have only contacted your local rep then now contact your Area Rep, details are on the CWU website.

Also call Citizens Advice, for ......... advice.

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