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Pretty sure I triggered a stage 3,three weeks ago

14 Jan 2020, 13:21

So I was in an an ubusive relationship for a little over a year, which caused me to spend a lot of time off sick. It finally got the to point where I was one sickness from a stage 3. I finally hit that stage 3 Mark after I finally ended the relationship and took a couple of days off after I got threatened with suicide and other stuff. ALL these illnesses were due to my mental health, which id never been off sick with before.

I had my RTW a couple of days later, and nothing was mentioned about a stage 3 meeting or anything. I was also never formally notified of my stage 2 issue back in June, and certainly never signed any paperwork about it.

Anyway, fast forward three weeks, my mental health has never been better, I was back doing overtime and had a decent relationship with my managers, went back to doing plenty of overtime and generally enjoyed being back at work.

Anyway, with just my luck, I caught the flu. Not a cold, but the actually fu***** flu for the first time in my life. So I had no choice to go sick for a few days.

Should I be seriously worried about my job and a stage 3 dismissal and should I be contacting my area rep to notify him of what's happened?

Pretty sure I triggered a stage 3,three weeks ago

15 Jan 2020, 06:06

Assume you have a local rep and an area rep. If you have no paperwork for the AR2 and you never signed the paperwork I would doubt it would be legit.
Don't forget even if you are on an AR2, the penalty is for 6 months only. If you have not had a sick absence from June until recently , has your 6 months past?
If so you would be back down to 0 and you would be off the procedure. As I don't know the exact dates I cant comment anymore.
At the very least you should be getting your area rep involved if they have said you are on an AR3.

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