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Unpaid parental leave

13 Jan 2020, 19:14

Has anyone had unpaid parental leave refused and taken to an employment tribunal?

Unpaid parental leave

13 Jan 2020, 22:29

Have you been with the company for more than 12 months?

Unpaid parental leave

13 Jan 2020, 23:11

Yes over 12mnths. Manager is saying they don’t have enough staff, but is that a valid enough reason to refuse? They never have enough staff!

Unpaid parental leave

13 Jan 2020, 23:39

It can't be refused but it can be postponed, the employer:

must write explaining why within 7 days of the original request
suggest a new start date - this must be within 6 months of the requested start date

Unpaid parental leave

14 Jan 2020, 10:21

I do not know if you are aware of the policy; ... ummary.pdf

Ordinary parental leave
• You can take a maximum of 18 weeks’ unpaid leave per child up to your child’s 18th birthday.
• A maximum of 4 weeks’ may be taken in any year (in whole week blocks).
• You may also be entitled to Shared parental leave.

Other time off support booklet
There may be occasions when an employee needs time off, other than holiday, to deal with other commitments and responsibilities. In these circumstances, we should be as supportive and accommodating as possible.

How it works
1. Employee submits request for time off – An employee may approach you in work to chat about needing some time off, they may call the office to inform you about an emergency or submit a ‘request for other time off’ form

2. Consider the request – Consider the individual circumstances and be as supportive as possible. Let the employee know whether you can support the request, how much time off you can give and whether the time off will be paid or unpaid. It is important that we make this clear. The employee may be dealing with difficult personal circumstances and clarity from us will reduce any unnecessary stress. This booklet will help you to decide what is appropriate, but if you are unsure about what you should do next, consult the individual policies on PSP or contact HRS Advice and Support

3. Keep in touch – Where appropriate, you may want to call the employee to see how they are and to offer further support

4. Good to have you back - It is good practice to take 5 minutes to welcome the employee back into work when they return. It is an informal chat to check that the employee is ok to be back at work and offer any further support that may be required. Use your discretion to decide when this is appropriate

A dependant might be a spouse or civil partner, a child, a parent, or somebody who lives as part of the family.
Be as flexible as possible and take a sensitive and supportive approach. We want our people to feel valued.

Time off for dependants: is where there is an immediate need to make alternative care arrangements for a dependant (e.g. an employee’s child minder is unexpectedly sick). There is a legal entitlement to offer time off and one day off unpaid is normal, with further days either unpaid or covered by annual holiday

Family emergencies: A family emergency is when time off is required to deal with something more urgent/ serious, for example, a dependant gives birth, is injured or dies. We usually offer a paid day off (up to three days depending on circumstances - use your discretion), with further days unpaid/covered by holiday

First Class Support: 0800 6888 777
OH Assist Medical Helpdesk: 0845 612 4123
Disability Helpline: 0800 0287 6142
PSP Helpline: 0845 6060 603 Postline 5456 7100

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