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Area Union Rep

07 Aug 2019, 18:39

HI new to this site so apologies if this is in wrong section .

Wont mention areas or names etc but yesterday we had an office meeting called by our Area union Rep. Once we were all in he stated that he had received an anonymous letter from a member of staff which laid out certain issues of concern within the office i.e. discrimination, favouritism, holidays not being fulfilled etc. It does seem to have criticised the current union representation in the office etc but I actually thought a lot of the issues were valid.

However he stood there with management waving this letter about saying has anyone got something to say etc or come and see me after. This got the usual hard men saying "should have had the balls to say it face to face etc while others didn't say much but you could tell they maybe agreed with some of the issues. The whole tone in my opinion was that of a witch hunt against someone who was raising concerns and maybe didn't feel comfortable doing it face to face or maybe have tried and nothing was done. If the person was in the meeting I can only assume they were horrified.

Today in the office wasn't any better with manager going round telling people what was said in the letter and continuing this witch-hunt. I don't know who wrote it but I genuinely feel sorry for who it is as it must have been an uncomfortable day in the office. My issue is , are the union not supposed to be here to help its members, to deal with such letters or issues with a degree of sensitivity ? Are the managers allowed to go round telling staff what was said in the letter and stirring up a nasty atmosphere which seems strange considering some of the issues seemed to be those that affect most of the office.

Apologies for long post but I lost all faith in the union yesterday and would have serious concerns ever raising an issue in the future.

Area Union Rep

07 Aug 2019, 20:15

Then their work is done. Another round of beer, sandwiches and full time release for the Union. Whilst our rep is fairly new and laid back about actually doing anything about the bullshit we encounter, they DO rigidly maintain the age old union rep tradition of trying their damnedest to never actually doing a walk preferring to hide in the PHG/callers office.

Area Union Rep

08 Aug 2019, 14:39

It just goes to show you what a set of wankers the Union are and especially most Area Rep's when he receives an anonymous letter and feels it correct to wave it around with his management buddies in attendance, instead of actually seeing if the allegations are true, and as for the usual turds who come out with should have the balls etc, I bet most of them are senior men who are looked after by said corrupt union rep probably the overtime jockeys who get ever bit of overtime doing or days off when they want whilst everybody else gets shafted.

Area Union Rep

08 Aug 2019, 15:57

Think I must be from the same office Jonson as you as I was in attendance too. Genuinely shocked myself at the behaviour of the area rep though from previous experience of the guy I shudnt have been. I agree with a lot of the issues raised also. What annoyed me was these people complain about these problems all the time and when someone actually had the audacity to complain a lot of staff backed up the manager and area rep. :arrrghhh

I felt uncomfortable for whoever did write the letter as it must have been fecking awkward and embarrsassing seeing it being read out like that. unprofessional behaviour all round and I would have thought there was definitely a case to be answered for bullying if the guy or girl who wrote it felt intimidated . Though there probably too frightened now to raise a complaint. Disgraceful situation.

Area Union Rep

09 Aug 2019, 19:22

area rep should be called on his behaviours and resign

Area Union Rep

10 Aug 2019, 00:48

Their are people above area reps you know send them the allegations state your case and then see what happens and tell us.

Area Union Rep

10 Aug 2019, 19:55

k979aaa wrote:Their are people above area reps you know send them the allegations state your case and then see what happens and tell us.

Nothing will happen, if this truely shocking behaviour is happening at area level. How on earth can anyone in that office go to the union again. It's like bent cops and the mafia. My advice with any office gripe would be email have your say, better more neutral feedback and action than the union ever give.

Area Union Rep

13 Aug 2019, 18:28

If there was any truth in the letters content the other guys in the office should support who ever wrote it.Rep should be torn a new one also.Awful behaviour.

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