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staff turnover

13 Aug 2019, 17:01

SpacePhoenix wrote:I've never worked in a DO but for many years haven't new starts in DOs always been given the s**t duties in an office that no one wants and got better duties as time goes on as they worked their way up the seniority list?

Bang-on. Always the longest, most fcudup, awkward and usually resented by the more senior staff whom are embittered to have taken/been delegated the duty, too if van share...makes for a proper fun start to any career...but can only get better...shame that toleration to new starters 'foibles' is not universally accepted by the RM Staff/ heirarchies. Anyone whom STARTS in such a poorly managed crisis USO service industry should be prized and nurtured in order to improve the morale :hmmmm , maybe NOT...methinks they are fed to the lions and dashed onto the rocks at every opportunity in order massage some other ucnts fallen pride/ego. The place is teeming with sanctimonious desperados crying into their beer - having no idea what an easy job it would be if they stopped trying to make everyone else look sh1t and just did the job as outlined in many people to please all the time and you wonder why folk quit when they are not being helped with the shared sh1t flying in all our directions. :wave

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