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Attendance procedure clarification

09 May 2019, 18:46

If you are on a stage 1, then do better than the standards in the next 6 months you are clear, right?

Does that mean you then have no absences on your record that can count towards the attendance procedure? In other words, from the date your stage 1 is cleared, the clocks starts ticking again, and it would take 4 absences / 14 days in the NEXT 12 months to trigger another stage 1?

Sorry I'm sure this has been asked before but can't find the answer.

Attendance procedure clarification

10 May 2019, 16:49

Once issued a review 1 all absences count on the procedure fom that date so if you have a single 5 day absence during the 6 months you will come off the procedure with the 5 days counting towards the 14 days/4 absence criteria for a possible future review 1.

Attendance procedure clarification

10 May 2019, 18:20

If you are on a stage 1, then you have a probation period of 6 months in which to keep to the standards. If you have only one absence of 9 days or less during this 6 months then you are off the procedure and go back to 0.
Once the 6 months is up, you go back to the 12 months rolling period with the 4 periods or 14 days as the trigger, but if you have had absences since the stage 1 was issued, only the absences that have not been considered after the stage 1 was issued can be considered again.

If you are on a stage 2, then if you have 1 absence of only 9 days or less in the probation period of 6 months, then you go back down to a stage 1 after the 6 months is up. If you only have 1 absence of 4 days or less in this probation period
you will go back down to 0 after the 6 months is up.

Attendance procedure clarification

10 May 2019, 19:08

Thank you.

The attendance procedure isn't at all clear on this, perhaps it should be clarified so people know exactly where they stand?

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