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Ex-Member - Recently Left Business

09 May 2019, 15:38


I wonder if anyone can help me assist an ex-member who recently left the business.

He was on a 1 week off in 6 weeks system. He officially left Royal Mail on April 14th 2019 according to him. He thinks he is owed money as his last "paid" wage slip was April 4th and he got paid on the 5th. He received a payslip the week later (April 12th) with his basic wage but he said they cancelled that and got paid no money.

His last day in work was March 30th as he said he was on annual leave the week later (W/C 1-4-19) and the following week would have been his rest week (w/c 8-4-19) taking him to his leaving date of the 14th April.

Maybe I'm wrong but I can't see them honouring the annual leave as its part of the new financial year and surely he wouldn't be entitled to A/L as he won't be working for us this financial year. However, he's banked extra hours above his contract in order to get his rest week, so surely he should get paid them?

Anyone with any advice


Ex-Member - Recently Left Business

09 May 2019, 22:29

I'm not sure how Wallington weeks work in terms of pay. I'm guessing, like holidays you must accrue days to get the rest week off. For example lets say you do Wallingtons for 36 weeks and leave on the 37th week. You won't get the rest week paid as you haven't put the extra days in.

Leave is the same . If he's left that early in the year then he won't have accrued any leave at all.

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