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Working days off.

06 Feb 2019, 09:38

Can anyone help,my office is a couple of men down so the boss is asking for people to work their day off,nothing to do with me up to each individual. The problem i have is the boss takes me off my duty to accommodate the person coming in and moves me elsewhere. I have mentioned this to my rep and each time he says he’ll have a word but nothing gets done. Am I within my rights to ask for the person coming in to go elsewhere?

Working days off.

06 Feb 2019, 10:11

We all have them "I'll only come in if I can go on my own walk" or they throw the dummie out, if they want to come in on their day off (sad b4stards) let them go on that scabby walk. Stick too your guns youth.

Working days off.

06 Feb 2019, 14:59

does your contract say you only do walk x, if it does your within your rights to say no, if it says you work for Royal mail and will do what is reasonably expected of you within your working hours then no you cant really complain.

Working days off.

06 Feb 2019, 15:38

Thanks for the reply,am I in my rights to stick to my guns?

Working days off.

08 Feb 2019, 09:02

I presume you’re a reserve? Or are you the floater covering the day off?

If a reserve, I doubt there’s anything you can do. Floater, you could argue that it’s your duty you signed for and you won’t move. That’s not being unreasonable But, you signed to cover that walk on the days off of the main postie. If he’s not off, then you might struggle.

Working days off.

08 Feb 2019, 11:38

Depends on the one doing the cover duty, if its her/ his permanent duty, they could insist in doing your duty, and it would you who would have to move

Working days off.

08 Feb 2019, 11:52

As directed!

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