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LTB 009/19 - Four Pillars of Security and Pay: Appendix A

09 Jan 2019, 13:51

LTB 009/19 - Four Pillars of Security and Pay: Appendix A

No: 009/19

Date: 9th January 2019

TO: All Branches with Members in Royal Mail Fleet

Dear Colleagues

Four Pillars of Security and Pay: Appendix A

It was reported in LTB 675/18 issued on 30th November that the Postal Executive had considered and on the recommendation of the negotiating team rejected a closed offer from Fleet.

It was reported that further constructive discussions had taken place and it was “clear that negotiations are largely concluded and a revised final offer from Fleet is expected imminently”.

Nearly 6 weeks later a revised offer is still awaited.

Both parties agreed to conclude negotiations within a 3 month period, which if achieved would have meant an agreement by the end of June last year. Negotiations on Appendix A started promptly and good early progress was made, but this was followed by a delay which appeared to be the result of Fleet management needing to gain the agreement of others in the business to the approach which both parties had agreed to in the discussions. Talks were resumed towards the end of summer and finally concluded at the beginning of November. Following rejection of the Fleet offer further talks took place within days, but once again progress has stalled, seemingly as a result of internal Royal Mail bureaucracy.

Almost all other CWU members covered by the Four Pillars Agreement have now received a one hour reduction in working time, but more than 6 months after the projected date for an agreement in Fleet, Fleet members are still waiting for an offer from the business.

The Postal Executive received a report on the situation yesterday and we are making it clear to the business that we are not prepared to accept further delay and are seeking a conclusion, based on an improved offer, by the end of this month.

A short video explaining the current position to Fleet members can be viewed on 2

A further report will be made to branches and members as soon as there are further developments.

All enquiries regarding the content of this LTB should be addressed to the PTCS Department, quoting reference 201 Email address:

Yours sincerely

Ray Ellis

Assistant Secretary

19LTB009 Four Pillars of Security and Pay – Appendix A

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