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Accident at work

03 Nov 2018, 22:32

Dom filled in road traffic accident erica without me being present to answer the questions. Took it upon himself to do it on my day off. Surely this is fraudulent behaviour?

Also, if I have a grievance in against management, is my DOM allowed to do the investigation into the rta? Or can I request an independent person?

Accident at work

04 Nov 2018, 19:03

Erica should be jointly filled in as you need to give a statement on it and you should be given a paper copy, not neccessary to have a rep with you but its a good idea. The erica should also be shared with the area H&S rep.

Accident investigations should be done jointly with a CWU H&S rep

Request a copy of the erica in writing and get hold of your area safety rep

Accident at work

04 Nov 2018, 21:34

Is there any legislation I could print off to say the H&S rep has to do a joint investigation?

I have a paper copy of the Erica Dom filled in himself. I don’t agree with any of the answers. Nor will I be signing it until it’s changed.

Accident at work

05 Nov 2018, 19:33


All I could find, I know our accidents are investigated jointly

Accident at work

05 Nov 2018, 21:44

Thanks. I don’t want to give too much information. But say said employee already has a grievance against the manager in question doing the investigation... that would be a conflict of interest. Can a manager who is from a different DO do the investigation?

Accident at work

06 Nov 2018, 18:43

It could be argued both ways, he will say he is proffesional and impartial and you know he might shaft you if he had the opportunity. Contact Area H&S rep and get them to take the issue on around the erica being done without you being there and raise your concernes about the manager doing the investigation.

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