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Making progress defending our admin members

08 Sep 2018, 13:45 ... n-members/

Assistant secretary Andy Furey reports “significant progress” in negotiations with both Royal Mail and Capita with regard to our members working in pension administration.

The decision by the Cabinet Office that, with effect from October 1st, Capita will administrate the Royal Mail Statutory Pension Scheme (RMSPS), impacted on our members working in pension administration in Sheffield and the CWU sought immediate talks with both Capita and Royal Mail to ensure the ongoing protection of workers’ rights.

“There were 62 CWU grade jobs impacted by this change of contract,” Andy explains, adding that 16 of these jobs were at risk of redundancy because they are helpline/call handling posts, which Capita are relocating from Sheffield to their own site in Darlington.

“Through the efforts of our negotiating team, we managed to secure a commitment from Royal Mail for the full redeployment of these members within HR Services in Sheffield,” he reports.

With regard to the remaining members who will continue to work in Sheffield, negotiations have focussed on the TUPE arrangements for their transfer to Capita and this has involved the union seeking full guarantees for all existing terms and conditions going forward.

“At this point, negotiations are still ongoing, but we have made significant progress and we’re optimistic of a fair resolution,” Andy reports.

“Our next meeting with both Capita and Royal Mail is scheduled for next Thursday (13th Sept) and, beforehand, the CWU is also meeting directly with the members impacted. This meeting is taking place during work time thanks to the co-operation of Royal Mail.”

Making progress defending our admin members

09 Sep 2018, 18:21

Maybe they should make progress for RM cleaners who start on minimum wage and are only a couple of pence above that after 18 months with no allowances. f***ing joke.

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