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07 Aug 2018, 18:14

Hello postie's,just wondering if there is anyone on here who has been sacked and then reinstated,like me,the reason I ask is I've been having nothing but trouble ever since,if there is can you tell me what your experiences were,I've had to chase my shares that were took off me,I've been taken off the uniform portal, amongst other things.


13 Aug 2018, 19:28

are you back at work?


13 Aug 2018, 19:40

You need to speak to the manager who ordered your reinstatement as he is the one who instructs management how to reinstate you.


14 Aug 2018, 15:21

It took them about 6 weeks to sort out all my stuff like pension and backpay etc.
Yes they will make your life a misery.


16 Aug 2018, 07:35

Yes I was reinstated in march 2018,I feel like they are trying every trick in the book,to try and wind me up,I wasn't paid any wages for 2 weeks after being reinstated, wasn't put back on the system,so went sick as I knew this would prompt them to put me back on system,which they did!!Had to chase my shares that were took off me,that took 6 to 8 weeks and numerous phone calls,still can't order uniform because I've been taken off the system 20 weeks in,filled out numerous forms to do with new security checks,which they have miss placed at least twice,then I've got the office issues, getting over looked on duties for part timers,had to go to DOM to have conversation,(wanting me to lose my temper),having to fight for restday rotation,I believe this treatment has all came from the DSM who doesn't like the fact that I have won 2 appeals one was a compulsory office transfer,the other being a sacking,I've asked the CWU if I can have a meeting with this particular DSM,so I could ask him face to face, obviously I'm not worthy to have a meeting, I need some advice as to where to go next,before I give them what they want and kick off.


16 Aug 2018, 11:30

Have you emailed union headquarters?

Maybe even email the "just say it" email mob?

We had someone who got reinstated and management made their life hell with all the crappy duties and excessive workloads. Luckily they got chance to go early on their own accord and went. The union should be all over this type of management behaviour and flagging it up to the top brass in the company and getting managers that do it fired on bullying and harassment.

Don't let the ba$tards grind you down and keep a diary of everything they do that you feel they are doing deliberately to wind you up and make working life difficult.


19 Aug 2018, 01:29

I thought it was just groping, harassing managers that got reinstated.


20 Aug 2018, 12:15

BarnsleyLackey wrote:I thought it was just groping, harassing managers that got reinstated.

Your probably right,the managers never have to answer for there unprofessionalism or incompetence,they get away with murder then hide behind there senior managers don't get me started lol


03 Sep 2018, 12:25

When i got reinstated, i didnt get paid for a couple weeks, then another couple for my backpay to be paid. I was taken off the PSP so i lost all my holiday, but luckily my rep still have my holiday forms, so just had to add them in plus the additional ones.

I always remember my first day back, we had a different manager to the one that was instrumental in my wrongful dismissal. I was in the door half an hour, and asked if i would like to do O.T, i respectfully declined. Its been 2 years now, and although im now doing the overtime again, the way i was treated by the company has never fully left my mind, and can sometimes be a hard thing to cope with.

They thing i do like to keep at the forefront of my mind is the colleagues that stuck up for me, and suprisingly it was the ones who i least expected.

The point im trying to make is stick with it, things will get better.

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