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wallington week

11 Jul 2018, 16:57

hi does any know what happens if you change weeks on the wallington rota ie from week 5 to week 1 as i am on week 5 which is next week and will be changing to week 1 do i get to have the whole week off when starting week 1 in two weeks time

wallington week

11 Jul 2018, 17:41

If you've worked 30 days over the last 5 weeks they owe you 5 days, how you take those 5 days whether it's in overtime or a week off should be subject to agreement between you and your manager but at the end of the day...they owe you 5 days and that doesn't change.

wallington week

15 Jul 2018, 17:48

Youre welcome

wallington week

21 Jul 2018, 17:51

Thanks for your help

wallington week

19 Aug 2018, 22:59

We are working the wallington week rule in our office. We work 30 days over 5 weeks (our working hours is 5 days a week totalling 39 hours) and the 6th week we have the wallington week off. Our boss told us that as we are having 6 days off as rest week, we owe 7.48 hours back to Royal Mail. This day is taken away from our annual leave. So over a period of 1 year, if we have 6 rest weeks, that means we owe Royal Mail 1 week. When we book 1 week as annual leave, instead of having 39.00 hours deducted, we have 46.48 hours deducted. I have "purchased of annual leave" which means I get 6 weeks of annual leave a year but because 46.48 hours deducted instead of 39.00 hours when taking a full week of annual leave, I am only getting 5 weeks annual leave. Is this right, if so, is there another way of owing the hours back to Royal Mail? Thanks

wallington week

20 Aug 2018, 13:07

We have had this before and I'll try to find and post a link to a thread, but basically yes its right - Wallington type DOs get 5 weeks annual leave a year and 5 dayers get 6.

Sounds unfair but it isn't.

6 x 39 hours = 234 hours. Or 6 x 5 days = 30 days leave

5 x 46.48 = 232 hours. Or 5 x 6 days = 30 days leave
(so actually they should be taking slightly more off you in hours) ... hp?id=8976

Employees have the same total annual holiday entitlement as any other five-day
week employee – i.e. 22½ days on entry, rising to 23½ days after five years, to
26 days after fifteen and to 30 days after twenty years’ service.
The simplest way to reckon holidays is to work everything in days. The annual
entitlement is converted into days by multiplying the number of weeks by the
average number of weekly attendances due, which is five (so six weeks’ holiday
= 30 days)

wallington week

20 Aug 2018, 19:22

I am only getting 5 weeks annual leave. Is this right,

During each of those 5 weeks of annual leave one day gets carried forward into your wallington week off. That means in essence you are banking one of your annual leave days for every annual leave week and then using it during your wallington week off.

If you think of your 5 weeks annual leave as just another wallington rotation cycle then those 5 weeks have banked a week off just like any other rotation. Another way of thinking about is if you took all 5 weeks annual leave together you would then get the 6th week off....therefore 6 weeks annual leave.

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