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Women workers of the world gather for Liverpool conference

12 Jun 2018, 16:32 ... onference/

Hundreds of delegates from dozens of countries around the world are heading to Liverpool for the fifth World Women’s Conference of global union UNI.

A world-wide federation of over 900 unions from every corner of the globe and a wide range of employment sectors, including communications, post and logistics, finance, media, sport and leisure and many more, UNI works with its affiliates to fight for union growth and the promotion of a new fairer and sustainable global economy.

On Thursday and Friday, the global union focus is on the struggle for gender equality across all nations and conference sessions include ‘powerful women’, ‘celebrating and thanking’, ‘ending violence against women’, ‘mentoring programme’ and ‘future world of work’.

Other items on a packed agenda are a review of progress made since the previous World Women’s Conference in South Africa back in 2014 and elections to the UNI World Women’s Committee.

The CWU is sending a 13-strong delegation – consisting of seven women and six men – including our general secretary Dave Ward, vice-president Jane Loftus and senior deputy general secretary Tony Kearns.

CWU Midlands Region secretary Kate Hudson and the chair of the union’s Women’s Advisory Committee Jean Sharrocks will also be in attendance, as will our two industrial deputy general secretaries Andy Kerr and Terry Pullinger and industrial executive members Shelley Banbury and Tom Cooper.

Veteran equality activist Amarjite Singh, from South East Wales Branch, and three members of our national young workers committee – Elli Long, Fiona Curtis and Becca Hufton – complete the CWU line up.

Looking ahead to the event, Jane Loftus said: “It’s great that UNI Global Women’s Conference is coming to the UK – and as a Liverpool woman myself, it’s an even greater honour that women trade unionists from around the world are coming to my home city.

“So a big, warm Liverpudlian welcome to all our sororal guests.

“I’m really looking forward to the debates and discussions we’re all going to have and the activists from all parts of the world that we’re going to meet.”

UNI Global World Women’s Conference takes place on the 14th and 15th June at Liverpool Arena & Conference Centre, King’s Dock

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