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Bank holidays

11 Jun 2018, 16:57

Hi I am on a 30 hour contract got my wage slip last week and think it's wrong on bank holiday week I had Tuesday and wednesday paid holiday then worked Thursday Friday Saturday so I thought it would be 6 days pay but on wage slip it says 30 I spoke to dom today who said it's right and I just get a leu day next year is that right or am I being messed around ? I have not had any of this explained to me I'm still new

Bank holidays

11 Jun 2018, 17:32

If your rostered day off was the Bank Holiday (and it looks like it was) you should be given the choice of either an extra day of leave OR your contracted hours that day as overtime. Our place asks people within a week of the BH and pays the o/t the following week.

There are other threads on here about it, and possibly a link to the 'rules' on it.

Bank holidays

12 Jun 2018, 08:32

Your at-a-glance summaries to our employment policies

Bank and public holidays In Royal Mail:

If a bank holiday falls on a day you would normally work, you take the day off.

If your rest day falls on a bank holiday, your manager will check if workload allows for you to have another day off that week.

If you are unable to take another day off, you can either:

add the day to your annual holiday entitlement; or

take the excess hours paid as overtime. This will be paid at the Monday to Saturday overtime rate

If you work for Parcelforce Worldwide, ask your manager how bank holidays are dealt with.

If you have a part-time contract, your bank holiday allowance will be pro-rated depending on the number of days you work, e.g.:

5 day contract – full entitlement of 8 bank holidays

2 day contract – 3 bank holidays
Requesting holiday

Every unit has their own way of managing holidays. Speak to your manager about how things are done in your area.

Managers will try to accommodate your holiday requests, but need to ensure there is always enough cover. There may be times when requests can’t be granted.

During busy periods, like Christmas, it may be difficult for your manager to give time off. Holiday is therefore not generally available at this time.
Want to know more? Full details are available in the Annual holiday policy and guide and the Bank and public holiday guide, available on the Policy and information site on PSP. Further useful information on time off can be found in the Time off: other leave and Being a parent at-a-glance summaries.
August 2017

Bank holidays

12 Jun 2018, 09:07

assuming you're a reserve, which 99% get bank holidays as their rota day off, which stinks, you get a credit back, as posted above, you should have been given an option but you wasn't and probably too late to add it as overtime now.
when does the following weeks rotas get pinned up? would have thought you'd have seen then unless you were on holiday.
this is another failed system within RM which can be so easy to rectify

Bank holidays

12 Jun 2018, 15:12

The rota was up it just said bank holiday next to my name on the Monday then annual leave Tuesday and Wednesday back Thursday Friday Saturday I am a reserve. When I went in to ask they didn't understand what I meant and said I get a leu day for it thanks for replys

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