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15 May 2018, 13:45


The D.O.M at my office is trying to force me from my walk and use it for absorption. The walk in question is the nearest one to the office and has been an "absorption" walk in previous summers. At the end of last summer the walk was offered to me by the D.O.M and I accepted on the condition that it would be my round permanently up until there is another re-pick. I insisted he signed a statement that it would be. I have been in talks with our union rep and he's of the opinion that they are able to do this....I am not happy with this and need more advice. They have offered me another walk which I don't particularly want.

I am full time and have been employed for nineteen years

Any advice would be appreciated .



15 May 2018, 14:14

Exactly the same thing happened to me last year , and I was well pissed off. My walk one of the ones nearest the office also. I'm afraid you can't do much about it , the Dom informed me that he could put me on any walk he liked , it might be your walk but they can put you on anything they like , even getting you to go to another office. The way to look at it if it s just summer lapsing , it's only for the summer. It makes you appreciate your own walk a lot more. It's a pisser but what can you do. Just only work your hours on whatever he puts you on, that's what I did.


15 May 2018, 17:48

.....managers hide behind the.......
“As directed”
Start time, finish time, as directed in between those times (if needed)
If your on a round you’ve never done before - bring the rest back if you can’t complete in the time given.
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15 May 2018, 18:45

Here, here.


15 May 2018, 19:41

Hard luck tbh


16 May 2018, 13:25

Exact same thing happened in our DO quite a few years ago. The town walk immediately outside the DO was turned into a permanent 'absorption' walk, split into equal sized pieces and given to the other walks to deliver. The guy on the town walk, based on seniority, then took the walk I was signed to and I got moved to another walk that had no one on it. This was not during a resign or anything.
In short a DOM can do anything within RM rules such as moving you to another office or to another walk to enable the mail to be delivered. They generally try not to upset people by doing it but if they need to they can. Nothing you can do about it.


16 May 2018, 19:58

Cheers for all the replies....Looks as though I have little choice ......and don't worry I won't do one minute over my finish time....If i aint got time it'll be coming back to the office

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