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Ill Health Retirement Changes - OH Assist & GP medical Reports

13 May 2018, 11:45

Hi all, in regard to the first stage of the IHR process I am currently at after being put forward for it following a second occupational health assessment, how would choosing the option to deny permission for OH assist to contact my GP effect the IHR process?

I do have have the option of viewing my GP's report before OH assist can see it should I grant permission, this is probably what I'll do. I've been honest and I have nothing to hide but I still value my privacy, and giving access to my records is not a decision I take lightly, neither is it something I'm comfortable with but I accept it may be a necessity. Also, a concern I have is that one of the practice GP's is completely incompetent in dealing with mental health issues (a "PTSD? pull yourself together " - kind of guy), I don't want him anywhere near my report.

I've seen posts that suggest that IHR has changed in April, is this true & if so what has changed and will it effect me, seeing as my absence began 7 months ago? Has the formula used to calculate payment amount changed? - I suppose this could potentially effect my willingness to accept IHR.

My background:
As an employee of 4.5 years I've been off for about 7 months now due to mental health problems (bereavement stress causing anxiety, depression, insomnia, agoraphobia and others) triggered by some traumatic, very difficult ongoing circumstances over the last 8 months, I have a 15 year+ history of mental health disorders, mainly depression and anxiety, I have not taken any time off in 4.5 years as my symptoms have been managed well by myself, until recently. A flu and a broken bone being my only other absences. OH assist have actually been good to my surprise and have stated my condition is likely protected under the disability discrimination act, I have a good DOM too who has been very supportive.

Thanks for any advice

Ill Health Retirement Changes - OH Assist & GP medical Reports

13 May 2018, 16:44

Please don't just accept ihr, I my self was off work 2 years ago with mental health problems, basically being harassed and bullied by the Dom , almost on a day to day basis. It's not the end things change very quickly in offices, Doms leave, my did. Things now are entirely different no bullying, and treated with respect. Ihr has changed, the Dom is supposed to try to find you work you can do, not just in your office but in other offices. This has to be exhausted first. Mental health issues in the royal mail now, are supposed to be treated with a much more sympathetic outlook. I got over my problems and I no you will also my friend. Mental health issues never quite go away but you learn how to manage it. Be strong mate my thoughts are with you whatever you decide to do.

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