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LTB 008/18 - Magnum Bandera Trainer - Feedback Process

12 Jan 2018, 10:38

LTB 008/18 - Magnum Bandera Trainer - Feedback Process

No. 008/2018

12th January 2018

Magnum Bandera Trainer – Feedback Process

Dear Colleagues,

Further to previous LTB’s which seek to update Branches in relation to Uniform matters and ongoing trials.

The purpose of this further Letter to Branches is to report on the feedback process now established by Royal Mail in respect of the Magnum Bandera Trainer trials.

During the course of week commencing the 15th of January all of the 12,000 plus individuals who have been issued with the Magnum Bandera Trainer will be issued a ‘feedback letter’ via their relevant manager. The letter, in addition to a short introduction, will ask individuals to complete an online questionnaire via ‘surveymonkey’. A copy of the ‘feedback letter’ is attached for information.

The timescale for individuals to reply to the feedback request will be for a 6 week period from the 15th of January, and will be subject to a joint review at the half way point of 3 weeks.

Whilst there is no compulsion for any individual to engage with the online questionnaire, clearly it would be beneficial in terms of the trial in order to secure as much feedback as possible on this footwear, it is hoped and requested therefore that Branches will assist members in giving their direct feedback to this trial of footwear.

Additionally, Branches and representatives are also encouraged to submit any feedback they wish to make in terms of the Magnum Bandera Trainer trials, which covers all functions within Royal Mail, with such feedback being directed to the Outdoor Department.

Whilst the above details are self-explanatory, any enquiries on this issue should be directed to the Outdoor Department reference 500, email address:

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch

Assistant Secretary

LTB 008.18 – Magnum Bandera Trainer Feedback Process

Bandera Feedback Letter to Colleagues

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LTB 008/18 - Magnum Bandera Trainer - Feedback Process

12 Jan 2018, 12:12

Can someone please give some feedback on here, preferably from a postie on a long town walk rather than a rural, I've got plantar issues and wondered if they're comfortable, oh yeah are they wide fitting ?

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