Sick into annual leave

06 Sep 2017, 18:19

Sorry if its already on here but I've scrolled through and just wanted to double check.

I went sick yesterday (Tuesday) could hardly move flu/cold symptoms, rang in sick again today was told I don't need a voice for delivery ! Surely being able to move is an advantage though ! I've told them I won't be back tomorrow but unsure about Friday yet. Only problem I have is Saturday is my rest day and I'm on leave next week. I was thinking of going back Friday but have no energy, walking up the stairs is a struggle at the moment :-(

Do I have to phone up Friday and say I'm fit for work again, so they take me off the sick ?

Sick into annual leave

06 Sep 2017, 18:25


Sick into annual leave

06 Sep 2017, 18:31

You can phone in to say you are off sick on Saturday as it's a rostered day off.

However, if you continue to be sick into your holiday legally you are allowed to claim any days back. Simply put you can't be on sick and annual leave at the same time. However, those days will count in the absence procedure. If you do feel better whilst on holiday make sure you contact them so they can change you from sick to annual leave.

Word of warning most RM managers won't be too clear on this process, or at least they won't advertise it, but it is your legal right.

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