Regional Health Lead does not exist??

15 Jul 2017, 12:23

Putting this out for general comments so all angles covered. This has been going on since before April when OH services all changed.

Wages stopped failure to attend Management face to face when sick though full Telephone/Text/Email contact maintained. Stage One, Two and Three Grievance procedure exausted. Due to local management dragging out procedure Employment Tribunal claim submitted and satisfied via a consent order.

Full H1 bullying and harassment procedure implemented via HRSC and DSM appointed to investigate. Findings are the usual whitewash as expected.

Significant part of the complaint is that on no less than four seperate requests by email local management transfer the dispute up the chain of command to the Royal Mail Regional Health lead to attain equal consensus. The following is word for word from the final report from the investigating DSM with that bullying and harassment complaint with the H1 procedure.

In considering this allegation, Royal Mail does not have a Regional Helath lead. Mr xxx xxxxx was referred to the OH Assist Occupational Health Services. This is an external company. A regional Health Lead within OH Assis does not exist. However when a Royal Mail Management Referral is made to OH Assist for an employee, the referral goes through a triage and the correct course of action decided by OH Assist. Royal Mail have no control over who does deals with the referral. It is directed accordingy to the approprite practitioner by the OH Assist team.

It is my view that this allegation to be a lack of Mr xxxxx xxx understanding of the Occupational services provided to Royal Mail employees by OH Assist.

I reject this point.

It was never stated the Royal Mail Regional Health Lead was an OH Assist position. It is an internal Royal Mail Management position. Best way people to elevate this besides the normal yet another appeal process? ... ure-change

Regional Health Lead does not exist??

17 Jul 2017, 10:09

It sounds like the DSM doesn't know the system or that he just wants you to f**k off basically.
It also sounds like `classic` Royal Mail lawyer other words they are trying to shift the blame onto OH and bamboozle the potential employment tribunal judge with procedures that they won't understand i.e that it is all standard and above board :roll: .

My advice would be to continue to the tribunal, they take a dim view of employers who breach employment contracts by illegal stoppage of wages (so long as you really did maintain contact etc.)
Are the union helping you?
Good Luck.

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