Use of IWT

15 May 2017, 19:08

I know there is a sticky at the top regarding this issue but could do with a little clarification.

As of this week a new prep plan has been has been unveiled at my office. It states that each duty has x hour and x minutes to prep their duty, along with the time of departure on delivery.

I asked the DOM where he got these figures from and he stated that he was using the IWT to work them out for individual duties.

I questioned this and he claimed that this had not only been agreed to be used by our local Rep but by the CWU and was a national agreement.

Now, according to the IWT sticky, this can't be used as a prep plan for individual duties, but that email was from 2011. Has there been an agreement since then on this issue?


Use of IWT

15 May 2017, 19:53

It can be used to plan individual duties.
It can't be used as a performance standard.

It is should take, not must take.

Use of IWT

15 May 2017, 20:16

yer but all the input should be put in right in the first place for it to give a proper reading ;liar , it should all be broken down , d2ds , mech , loose mail , pkts , redirections , tying up, and also give a total mail count for each individual then that should tell you what spare time if any you have on ips , but we all know its a load of s**t and everything this company does is always done in there favour , :thumbdown

Use of IWT

15 May 2017, 20:19

If your not up to " scratch " ask the manager to put their concerns in writing

Use of IWT

15 May 2017, 20:38

It's just a guide. If mangers produce IWT figures at you, make sure they include did items for week. But as I said, it's just a guide.

Use of IWT

15 May 2017, 20:49

Cheers for the replies. After further reading I found it apparently can be used to plan individual duties.

However, in the Individual Performances Standards - Delivery Office found at ... idence.pdf it states:

"Below is an example of the process management are using to calculate office throughputs, sorting hours, sorting rates and preparation times for performance and planning purposes.

Mail Vol. / IP Standard = Estimated Sorting Hours

Work Area Hrs * 60 * IP Standard = Estimated Sorting Throughput

Mail Vol. / Work Hrs = Sort Rate

Prep Vol. / No. Walks = Estimated Prep Time
IP Std (For Frame)

We wish to make it clear to representatives that the above process is not agreed with the CWU, and disagreement should be registered immediately and your Divisional rep informed if management adopt this approach to performance and planning."

Is the above different to IWT then?

Use of IWT

16 May 2017, 18:00

some of the timings of the iwt leave a lot to be desired.
for instance. D2D - 8 mins large pkts - 22 mins mech - 18 mins ( on a walk that on a wednesday has 4 mech trays )

the above is from a walk with 600 calls with a 7 wing frame ( inc a lot of double slots )

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