Walking miles Limit

13 Apr 2017, 18:19

Just as point of interest with collapsing of walks in the Great Yarmouth office and given extra miles to walk each week .. In the realms of Health and Safety .. Is there an agreed union LIMIT of the amount of miles posties are expected to a walk a day. .. 5 miles a day over 25 years service is near to 30,000 miles walked. as an example 10 miles a day 60,000

We all know that no other profession walks the amount of miles a week that posties do... Leg and Feet issues are not helped by introducing extra miles a week... on anyone 50 years plus old..

So is there an agreed Maximum limit and if not ..Logically why not.. on health and safety grounds... as more walking is now being required

Walking miles Limit

13 Apr 2017, 19:24

I agree it's something the CWU should look at in terms of employees health

Walking miles Limit

14 Apr 2017, 11:07

Look at any long serving staff in your office, they'll either be walking crooked or with a limp or complaining about aches and pains. It doesn't bode at all well for us who have to walk further (six hour deliveries) and longer (retirement 68?).

This job is not realistic for those over 60 on deliveries. But then a transient PT workforce aged 20-40 is looking like their preferred workforce, the new pension certainly isn't going to provide anybody who stays in the job for life a decent income like it did before.

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