election leaflets

19 Mar 2017, 22:01

can i refuse to deliver them
been treated like s**t by mgmt recently and in return i have stopped doing ot
is delivery of leaflets optional or can i be forced to deliver
i do not want ot or payment
there are others with same feelings as myself who have been robbed,duped ,lied to ,manipulated by scheming lying bastards of mgmt over poll cards payment
and simply dont want the aggro anymore
payment for leaflets is seperate from contracted hours so all i want is to work my contracted hours

election leaflets

20 Mar 2017, 14:19

Poll Cards - No

Election Leaflets - Yes as long as the reason for refusal come under the Conscience Clause, or you feel that your H&S may be at risk.

The rule on overtime and election payments is complicated but it can work in our favour.

You can't claim overtime if you decide to take all the election stuff in one day and that's what take you over.

However, if the level of mail (excluding election material) is such that you would have claimed OT anyway, then you CAN Claim it.

All overtime is voluntary, so even if they are paying you for Election Material, they can't make you work over if you don't want, and they can't refuse to pay you either the OT or the Election Payments.


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