Elected Union rep

14 Feb 2017, 11:18

Hello can anyone advise how is a local rep elected please and is there any compulsory courses one should attend ?
Can a union rep agree with management changes to working practices without the consent and agreement of his/her members ?
A union rep i my belief was someone who represents his members views and not push forward ones owns beliefs am I right ?
Does a local union rep have to align themselves with their area reps wishes to bring about changes ?
Thanks for any info .

Elected Union rep

14 Feb 2017, 15:29

A rep is elected by the union members of that unit. Anyone wishing to stand for election has to have a proposer and a seconder and then assuming more than 1 person is standing the branch organises a vote. Otherwise you become rep by default. (Not a state of affairs I agree with)
A rep should always consult the members about changes but all changes have to be in line with national agreements. You can't simply refuse to agree to anything. It would be childish and ultimately self defeating.
I think a unit rep who doesn't have the support of his Area Rep will find the job very stressful and wouldn't last very long.

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