D2D 1/6TH OR 1/8TH

10 Jan 2017, 18:10

Hello chaps i thought this would be the best place for this question, and the longer i work for royal mail the more im doubting my own sanity.

This is my understanding of it so i may well be wrong .

They plan a duty and give it 6 loops this is to accommodate taking 1/6th of d2d a day ?????????

The van share duty me and my buddy do both walks have 8 loops each ( Yes we had an awful revision) ,so I should take 1/8th a day yes ??????

Any help boys

D2D 1/6TH OR 1/8TH

10 Jan 2017, 18:18

No - the only provision is that all D2Ds have to be delivered. Ergo if you only delivered 1/8 per day you'd not deliver nearly a 1/3rd.

The loops shouldn't be set up on a D2D basis but should be set up so that you don't exceed the weight limits, and so that you can use the mandatory equipment.

D2D 1/6TH OR 1/8TH

10 Jan 2017, 19:59

Thanks blue,

The walks are set up as you said the problem is the indoor time in our office has been cut that much that you can not accommodate the prep of D2D.

This was the only way they could extend our outdoor by decimating the indoor i suppose its like this in most offices sadly.

On top of this are actual call rate is a lot higher than what royal mail are saying d2ds were not built into our revision and i very much doubt the DIM manually inputs them.

Based on a call count of 537 on one duty a 1/6th =90 1/8th=67 now our 2nd walk 772 1/6th=129 1/8th=97 which do you choose.

Anyway buddy thanks for the help its much appreciated

D2D 1/6TH OR 1/8TH

14 Jan 2017, 15:33

Sounds like you're making the maths of d2d more complicated than necessary.
Firstly 1/8th is impossible to do when we only deliver 6 days a week, and down here we only have 7 days in a week so not sure when you imagine that last 8th would get done!

Aim for a 6th(ish!). the ideal frame will have 4 rows and 6 columns typically having 20 calls in each column section.
This makes it easy, you'd do one column/4 sections or 80 calls a day.
If you had 7 columns do an extra section of 20 on 4 days, 8 columns add another section on 4 days.

Opt outs, Double or big slots, and business's will mean you will be doing slightly under some days or a few more on other days but I'd bet your loops don't all have the exact same number of calls either.

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