COD 2 Revision

10 Jan 2017, 00:52

Does anyone have any information regarding what objectives RM are looking to achieve from putting more boxes on delivery?
I thought it would be to reduce the number of Wave 1's & Wave 2's but Planner has said to reduce Wave 3's to get Mail into Mail Centre earlier.

Any info would be great

COD 2 Revision

12 Jan 2017, 21:27

When we sorted out our COD in our office it reduced our sa collections in the afternoon from 3 to 2, if they want us to put more box collections on delivery it will reduce our sa even more- and that's where the savings are! Not good if you like a bit of overtime. :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown

COD 2 Revision

14 Jan 2017, 23:01

The target is to reduce the number of collections.
Primarily wave 3's (as this is where most of the workload can be cut), but also wave 1's and 2's as well.

It's all about head count.

Any BULLSHIT about getting mail into the MC earlier is exactly that.

They actually want to reduce wave 3's further by making them longer.
If, for example, a collection unit has 500 pick ups split between 20 routes, that is an average of 25 pick ups per route.
If they take 150 boxes, that leaves 350 pick ups, which means 14 routes.
If they then make routes longer, e.g. 35 pick ups per route, then that leaves 10 routes.

If they can remove enough wave 1's and 2's in line with that, then they have a better chance of a bigger head count reduction, up to 50%.

Royal Mail's ONLY target at this point, is reducing costs.
For them, the easiest way to do this is cut staff numbers, as this is their biggest proportion of expenditure.
And in achieving this, the board will likely get big pay rises and bonuses, as well as share options.
While many of our colleagues will get the dole queue, possibly excepting the lucky minority who may get VR, assuming the terms remain favourable.

COD 2 Revision

16 Jan 2017, 00:09

We are a Hub managed by a mail centre. We have lost 3 routes that are 20 hour contracts to the mail centre without union agreement so that the staff that pick them can perform their OT. In revision meetings I have asked for these routes back so that we can keep some hours / staff in post but managers have said no.
The same has happened to our saturday routes (based at mail centre), half of the staff have to work saturdays but don't receive any payments for their fuel etc...

I have asked for the saturdays back but manager has said no - his priority is to take more saturdays out & reduce how many SA's we have because they can be a pain to cover!!

We don't have a rep at our office so if a rep on here can give advice on how to handle this situation it would be really helpfull.

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