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02 May 2007, 22:51

KawasakiKid wrote:
TrueBlueTerrier wrote:"After 10 yrs I thought the armed forces would be sent into battle with decent equipment"

Give them their due the Armed Forces did have decent equipment. Well the Generals and Civil servants did have their limos and stuff. According to the MoD the forces do have the right equipment, they just don't issue it in case it gets damaged :crazy: :crazy: .

:nana :nana TBT You know what real brotherhood is all about, am I right?-------------------VOTE KAWASAKI I can't find a brotherhood Emoticon :Boo hoo! :Boo hoo! :Boo hoo!

Yep and Royal forget ones thing.

The more crap comes down the tighter the lads get.


03 May 2007, 00:45

:crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: U have just slung me back to all the nightmare family partys in my memory!!! :d'oh!
THE FECKING BROTHERHOOD OF MAN???? :silenced :shhhhh :speak to the hand :no no :pray And there silly fecking dance with stacks n flares!!

:crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: Im off to the nut nut clinic to up my meds now!!! Thanks!!!

I can hear it now! "save all your kisses for me save all your kisses for me, bye bye baby bye bye :wave :wave :wave


ohhhh help! :d'oh!

Royal Mails version

03 May 2007, 06:01

save all your misprints for me save all your missprints for me, bye bye letter bye bye.

Isle of white

Quick as a flash!!

03 May 2007, 12:37

Nice one TBT LMAO!!!! :Very Happy


DONT LET THE SPEELIN GET YA DOWN.. Just post it ya bastards!! :d'oh!

03 May 2007, 14:23

Whatever the rights and wrongs of affilation to the labour party or any other party, the time is long overdue for some democracy and give the political levy paying members a vote on continued affilation to the labour party!

Why Dave Ward thinks there is benefit in affilation to the labour party i dont know because without a change in policy from the new leadership team then i say the time has come to declare affilation a lost cause.

As one of the canidates for the CWU PEC elections said "plenty of friends of postal workers in the labour party but not many in the Goverment"

As a political officer there is absoultley no reason why i can not contact local labour parties in my area and give them the CWU view. The only change no longer being affilated means is that the CWU would not have delegates to formally propose policy at local labour party meetings. That is ultimatley what the affilation fee goes towards, the right to have a say!

Ahhh it all a fecking hand out culture!!!

03 May 2007, 15:53

AS LONG AS IM IN THE CWU U CANT JUST TELL ANYONE MY VIEW, FULL STOP When the CWU ask Its Members IF they want Any monies or connection to the party or any other then NO!!! NO FECKER IS GOING TO SPEAK ON MY BEHALF!! Ive always thought MP's or locals Say what the People want and not what THEY want?? I think That this is not so as to many people think they can talk for THE PEOPLE as if because they are a part of THE PEOPLE and they Are genuinely interested in peoples welfare, But wrongly Never ask the same PEOPLE they represent!!! I cant have this!!!
Q: If a BNP and a CWU member said the same as you did Daz. "contact local ----------------- parties." I wonder who would stand up and complain???
I dont vote for either BUT im just saying "i thought free speach is just that?" And Ive got a RIGHT to say as i please as anything concerning the CWU Gives ME AND ALL OF US THE RIGHT TO HAVE OUR SAY!!!!



Feck Feck Feck

03 May 2007, 16:44

Tommo are you like meself and got a bit of the old irish in those veins bejesus it sure sounds like it :wink:

03 May 2007, 17:46

Simply doing the job of branch political officer, i dont decide the rule book or job description for branch political officers.

Doing it for 2 years due to my strong intrest in politics.

I do my best for the politcal levy paying members of eastern 5 branch who i should add pay the levy on a 100% voluntary basis just like all levy paying members across the country! Dont like dont pay it!

I personally belive in the need for a political levy but belive that more democracy is needed in how that political money is spent and the political activties that the CWU should engage in!

A branch political committe made up of rank and file CWU members would be a good idea for deciding how to spend it and what political activities the branch should engage in.

At national level there is a Political fund managment committte, members of this body are supossed to attend regional political meetings but in practicec do not as often as they should so branch political officers do not get to hold them to account or get a breifing on the work of the PFMC .

Thanks for that Big Daz!!! Right!!! Jonnypick!!

04 May 2007, 00:06

Im a ENGLISHMAN IN MY HEART!!! But time back in da family tree i have a wee bit of the Irish in me, Great Nanna On Mums side. Whether its da blood i feel and a rebels blood pulsing thru me vains that makes me fight strong for free speach for all.. I aint anything special or do i need a mouth piece thank you very much to all the do gooders!! I stand up for what i feel. If proven wrong! I hold up my hands! As i have on this site when i have been!!! But no fecker talks for me or over me!! Or i hope i dont do the same for them??? If i did then im sorry, I just have strong views!! I HATE HYPOCRITES AND BULLSHITE! WONT AVE IT!!!



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