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LTB:Postal Dispute - Quadrant and Parcelforce Worldwide.

25 Jun 2007, 17:38

Postal Dispute - Parcelforce Worldwide and Branch Direct

The purpose of this LTB is to clarify the position of Parcelforce Worldwide and Branch Direct employees regarding the official disputes due to take place with the various businesses within the Royal Mail Group, and to also provide guidance to Branch Officials on this matter.

As far as the legal position is concerned Parcelforce Worldwide and Branch Direct employees are not part of the official dispute. They have not been balloted for Industrial Action as there is no existence of a trade dispute with the employer. Therefore they should report for work as normal. Any Industrial Action on the part of o either group of employees will be deemed unofficial.

We are however acutely aware that many of our Parcelforce Worldwide and Branch Direct members will have family members and close friends, never mind long standing work colleagues, who will be taking part in the Industrial Action who may also be part of the official picket lines at their places of work. Under these circumstances it will be a matter for the individuals own conscience as to whether they decide to cross the picket line, as it will be for any individual whether they are a member of the Union or not. On this particular point we are having separate discussions with Parcelforce and Branch Direct senior management to see if an understanding can be reached that will allow sensitive and sympathetic consideration to be given to any such occurrence(s).

Whilst understanding the complexities and anxieties of the situation our official advice to all Branches is to stand the pickets aside and invite our Parcelforce and Branch Direct colleagues to go into work. It is important for all of us to remain organised and disciplined throughout this dispute and for our members to respect the position of their Parcelforce and Branch Direct colleagues in what will be very difficult circumstances for all of them.

Branches are requested as a matter of urgency to give this LTB the widest possible circulation within their Branch including all units involved in each of the disputes.

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