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LTB:POL: Supply Chain (formerly Cash Services) Pay Dispute 2

14 Jun 2007, 18:35

POL: Supply Chain (formerly Cash Services) Pay Dispute 2007

Following our members resounding yes vote for industrial action in Supply Chain, there has been an exchange of correspondence and telephone conversations between Alan Cook, Managing Director, and I. These communications culminated in a meeting being held today, 14th June 2007, between the two negotiating teams.

Despite the Union's best endeavours to make progress, the meeting concluded with no agreement and with POL entrenched in its position of not being willing to find additional money to resolve this dispute.

It became evident during the meeting that POL were not free or independent to improve their offer and that the hand of Royal Mail Group was weighing heavily upon their shoulders. We were genuine in wanting to resolve our differences and were willing to explore options. POL were insistent that the criteria for discussing options would be conditional on there being no further money available.

Clearly POL is refusing to listen to the views of their employees. Accordingly, industrial action is now inevitable. This is especially disappointing as the Union has, in recent years, put so much effort into protecting and securing the future of Cash Services. It would appear that the only message POL will listen to is industrial action. Therefore, any potential loss of work/contracts should be laid fairly and squarely at the door of POL. In this respect we need to be absolutely clear with our members. The Union is not responsible for this breakdown.

Regarding next steps, a national briefing has been called for Cash Services Representatives in Room 3, CWU Headquarters, for next Friday, 22nd June, commencing 11:30am finishing no later than 2:30pm. All branches with Cash Services members, including Cash Centres, are urged to make every effort to ensure they are represented at this meeting by the appropriate representative.

Finally, please be advised that a communication will be sent to members' home addresses early next week that will explain the situation we find ourselves in. In the meantime, as a matter of urgency, please ensure this LTB is given the widest possible circulation to relevant members.

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