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Fair call ROCKS!!!

10 Jun 2007, 12:25

I think the point of Earning ££££ Is all we go to work for... The things we do while at work is what makes us the people we are... If Morals come into it... As they always should, then a Manager CAN be respected IF she/he shows that same respect. PEOPLE EARN RESPECT IT AINT A THING THAT COMES WITH A BADGE OR TITLE!!! I can see wot DVBUK is saying but knowing you for a while (on here) Rocky U are a up standing guy.. With morals and a helpful way.. I take it its the same when ur a SCREW (oops) MANAGER.. (hehehe) I have a problem with people coming on here either as a ghost screw and making all kind of points of view just to whined people up... ROCKY HAS NEVER DONE THIS...

I couldnt go screw as i just couldnt tell somebody to do something i wouldnt do myself... So i stay a underworked overpaid PSMN/OPG.. For my sins.. Im Glad im a sinner... So i can meet Big AL and lil adam down there and roast there arses off.. :evil/mad


DONT LET THE IN FIGHTING GET US DOWN!!! :Applause :Applause :Applause :Applause :Applause :Applause

10 Jun 2007, 14:27

Imho i would rather have a manager whos come up through the ranks and done the job then outsiders come in with no previous in our job.One other thing persons who do become managers should never manage in the office they were postpersons,it could cause problems as we have seen in the past.


10 Jun 2007, 16:36

If you are an acting manager playing about in the office like you own the place as some of them do but you are in the union you DO NOT CROSS A PICKET LINE if there is a strike because at the end of the day you are still a postie :Very Happy

10 Jun 2007, 17:06

[simple answer i gave when asked the same question if im bossin when strikes are on i go sick depending on last 12 months or i work if im not bossin i strike with everyone else]

[short version blue shirt strike bossin work]

I'm not suggesting you are hedging with your answers, but with the circumstances. I didn't notice any suggestion in your answers that the circumstances were theoretical either.

I don't have a problem with colleagues trying to earn more money by becoming managers, by having ambition, by trying to change things for the better, by using their experience and expertise for the benefit of their colleagues - those same colleagues who would be without pay whilst an acting manager went sick or continued to manage when strike action had been called - as you say it never happened on your watch.

But I am sure there are managers in waiting who should take this as a precautionary tale as to what they SHULD do if the circumstance does arise. Especially NOW.

10 Jun 2007, 18:23

tbt,johnny,tommo,thanks for the support

it was a theoretical question because as i have stated when i was bossin there were no disputes at the time,it was a chat between me a fellow acting manager and some of the lads or should i say staff,about what would happen in certain circumstances,when you are bossin the union does not want to know you even though you still pay your dues every weekMY UNION REP, TOOK GREAT DELIGHT telling me that a member of staff was taking out a grievence against me,when i asked as a union member if i would be represented by MY UNION,I WAS TOLD NO,i would have to defend myself and since as a postman you cant be in the managers union i found myself on my own,the grievence came to nothing since i explained to the person in question that complaining about having your docket cancelled was a genuine reason for grief, it would in future be a good idea not to drive past me showered and changed 2 hours before you claimed you had finished,i took it no further the horrible truth is that if you are an acting manager you are on your own and during a dispute you have to go with the job you are doing at the time,i have seen stills promoted rapidly for scabbing in my time with no complaints from the union about these rewards yet you seem to want to hang me for a what if situation,and to be honest any acting manager who decided to strike when acting as a boss would quite simply kill his or her chances of ever bossin again or any chance of promotion come to that,ive seen my sick record and every ia day is listed on it,it is not for you or me to stop anyone trying to better themselves,i would choose 10 posties turned boss over 1 product of the management school as they know what they are talking about AND HAVE A JOB TO DO,i worry now that with your comments you are pushing any acting managers into a corner,pushing them towards rm rather than OUR side
i have the deepest respect for your point of view but i am feeling like i am been attacked to say the least,there are a minimum of 2 people on this site who i have managed both of whom have had the chance to stab me in the back and have supported my actions instead

10 Jun 2007, 19:02

I haven't the slightest intention of attacking anyone. I try to put a balanced view on the posts - you didn't make it clear the post was theoretical and I applaud those who have spoken of your good intentions and I have no reason to doubt you - but my opinion remains the same. Regardless of the post held in an acting manner your substantive post should take precedence - but that is my opinion - if someone holds a different opinion I won't feel under attack.

At the end of the day we each do as we see fit, sometimes we're right and sometimes we're wrong. And that is something we all have to live with.

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