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01 Feb 2007, 15:17

God knows on the 1st one,and we always clear,then whossssssssh we're out the door.

Ok try this one, what are your offical duty start and finishing times? and if poss when are you supposed to have your m/r?

3.5 hrs del

01 Feb 2007, 15:20

BEFORE you leave the office,and before you start to bag up ,YOU MUST inform your manager that you do not want to work over your 3.5 hrs delivery , then he has to deal with it i.e. take an amount of mail off your walk , if you just leave the office and return with mail you could be up in front of a wilful delay charge

01 Feb 2007, 19:45

Snatch wrote:
God knows on the 1st one,and we always clear,then whossssssssh we're out the door.

Ok try this one, what are your offical duty start and finishing times? and if poss when are you supposed to have your m/r?

Ok 5-45 - 13-45,meal relief!!,i've been at that office nearly 4yrs now it's always been about 7.
There's no official time really,we go when we want to,but it's usually 7 for bout 20 mins,depending on who wants it.
Read my post in the 'About your office' thread.
Yes,yes,yes, i know it's all over the place,our times and that,but it's a case of sort-throw in-missorts-then out.
Have a break if/when you want to.
Which is obviously a problem,so summary,no proper meal breaks,coming in early,and cars are used.
Don't you just love the way we kill our job,but at least we get home early to see Jeremy Kyle :roll:

And Gary cheers for that,my main gripe was Managers telling us that we do the work in our duty time no matter how long.
If it goes over 3-30hrs and it's still in your duty time then you carry on.
So at least i've got a straight answer about this from you guys.

01 Feb 2007, 21:20

I can see what the real issue is here...strong unity.
If you can get five to six members together and plan it properly.There is no
way that they are gonna pay out every day for every week.Time all your bags.
Stand firm,hold gate meetings if you have to.Get your rep to know
exactly what you are going to do.Believe me they will be weary to go for cuts on walks.
Remember it only takes about five-six of you. Sign in and sign out,weigh your bags.If a screw makes a comment
ask him,"Have you seen some of the night staff/older members walk,they are all limping"
Get a set finish time in your heads.You won,t finish at that time but any earlier will be
a bonus.Try and get your five or six mates,s email,s use MSN messenger so that the "screws"
won,t get wind of anything.
The only thing you,ll lose is time but in a couple of years you,ll save duties.
PS:Don,t expect any thanks from the kids in the office!!!!

01 Feb 2007, 21:42

your much to old for tt sam

01 Feb 2007, 21:44

to say sdd was in theory about everyone the same nationally everyone seems to have different work rules we are
full time walks 0500 start with sorting
full time drivers,rural drivers and rural walks 0600 start
part time 0700 start
out the door 0830 ish
then travel to start point and deliver
walkers finish and away the lads
drivers return to office
whats eveybody else on
good work postman the site seems to be advancing in leaps and bounds
have you tried
bradford mail center
bd1 1aa
sorry dont know any union names there now as they have all evr maybe someone else can help but i have not seen your flyers up our way

01 Feb 2007, 23:45

drb,not gonna happen,not in my office and i'm sure in many others as well Jeremy Kyle is too important :neutral:
Such a shame.
But,editing this,do you not think it's too late to go back to a semi work to rule,as stuff's gonna happen anyway?

Rocky have a look at this About your Office.,strange how we all differ like you say.

As for Flyers the site account/treasurer(missus :roll: )has released some funds this week,should be able to push out just over 40.
Managed to negoatite it at the daily board meeting at the dinner table,was gonna put a disagreement in but decided to swallow the "You'd better get on decorating the bloody bathroom!!" motion :d'oh!
Will have a shuftie to see how many areas i can cover with that.

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