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Overweight parcels

30 Aug 2018, 08:40

Does anyone know what the legal limit,(if any) that a person is expected to carry?..we are currently expected to carry and deliver boilers and radiators from Screwfix ,on our own,when there is clearly a picture and a warning on the boiler box stating 2 man lift required,
Now ,my question is this,,If someone injures themselves lifting a box,on their own,and the box states,2 man lift,,would that person be able to qualify for any industrial injury related compensation ?
The depot management insist that,as we get help to load these heavy items on our vans,they then suggest that,,as there may be fitters waiting for these items at the delivery address,that one of those guys could help us lift it off,but in my experience,,thats never the case
Also,,what percentage of a route is the cover driver expected to achieve>?..I ask this because in my depot,,I am expected to achieve 90%,,and sometimes,I'm expected to cover 5 different routes in the same week,,
any feedback on these issues would be greatly appreciated,,many thanks,.

Overweight parcels

30 Aug 2018, 15:14

The very fact that you get help to load at the start means managers KNOW it's an overweight and by not making sure you get help to unload, could be a case for claim in an accident. That said YOU are responsible for your own health and safety first but have they done away with the 2 man duties for overweight and awkward loads.

Overweight parcels

03 Sep 2018, 14:06

30 KG max after that f**k it even if manager helps load it with you after that the twat that ordered it can help or it stays on the van.

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