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recoursing mix

15 Jun 2018, 07:44

PARCELFORCE – ‘FOUR PILLARS’ AGREEMENT – Joint Statement National Agreement Deployment

Dear Colleagues

Branches and representatives are informed that discussions have been taking place with Parcelforce in line with the commitments contained in Appendix B of the Agreement between Royal Mail Group and the Communication Workers Union Regarding Guiding Principles of Employment Security and a Mutual Interest Approach to Future Challenges and Opportunities.

A Joint Statement – National Agreement Deployment has now been concluded, which provides an update in regard to discussions relating to Resourcing in PFW Depots, has been endorsed by the Postal Executive and is attached for your information.

Colleagues will be aware from the debate on Motion 40 at Postal Conference 2018 that the matter of the resourcing mix in Parcelforce is a live issue. The 2003 document commonly referred to as the “Mixed Resourcing” agreement defines that 25% of Collection & Delivery Routes may be resourced by means other than directly employed staff. Policing of this agreement has meant that periodically we have had to “reset the clock” on the resourcing mix, the last time in late 2016.

Since 2016 however, there appeared to have been a drift towards a greater level of external resource through the use of Owner Driver “Assists” and C&D Couriers. The department therefore instigated a joint review of the current resourcing mix, utilising the Resourcing in Line with Current Agreements section of the PFW Annex. The review, undertaken by the Table of Success REX Joint Working Group, established that the resourcing mix excluding agency usage was at around 70/30.

The establishment of this figure has enabled an agreement to be reached with the business to commence a recruitment exercise to increase of the number of directly employed routes by 160. Detail of how these new jobs will be resourced is included in the Joint Statement. Branches and representatives will note however that unlike 2016 there will be no additional Owner Driver recruitment taking place as part of this increase and that the commitment to re-establish the agreed resourcing ratios in relation to C&D operations has been reaffirmed.

Significantly we have also for the first time achieved explicit wording which details that all external resourcing options are included in the 25% external quota and that where Owner Driver Assists or Couriers remain they will be included in the calculation, which has always been the CWU position.

Additionally we have achieved wording that the recruitment exercise will look to offer permanent employment to current Owner Driver Assists, in an attempt to provide real opportunity to individuals who may currently be regarded as the least secure.

Agreement has also been reached in respect of the Table of Success Resourcing Joint Working Group undertaking an ongoing review of all categories of flexible resource and both parties have agreed that it is important to continue to bring any remaining use of agency/courier resource into line with the spirit and intent of the Agenda for Growth and Stability Agreement and to meet the agreed resourcing model.

A National Table of Success event has recently taken place where both parties reviewed all Joint Working Group activities and discussed the detail of the programme of works arising from the National agreement. Joint lead roles and accountabilities have been agreed that will ensure we deliver together on all elements of the agreement.

Branches and representatives are requested to ensure that our PFW members are made aware of the contents of this LTB and the attached Joint Statement.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference number: 102.02

recoursing mix

15 Jun 2018, 07:48

Members should be made aware of the breach in agreement by Ops Managers,especially in the Newport depot,who are currently looking to recruit more ODs,,that will significantly raise the percentage over the agreed mix.
This could become a serious issue as its death by a thousand cuts,

recoursing mix

15 Jun 2018, 14:43 ... 12&t=86345

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