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Paid meal breaks.

28 Apr 2018, 07:22

Can I have official confirmation please of the official breaks I can take whilst working 11 hour days,,0600..1700.,,thank you,
The Ops Manager says its 40 mins only,,my argument is that we are doing a heavy and stressful multi drop driving job which is at times,exhausting,,40 mins for us,,yet the indoor staff who work 8 hours,,Delivery manager,0600..1400..gets a 10 min break in the morning followed by 1 hour lunch break,,just want official confirmation of our legally entitled breaks,
As I see it,,most of the drivers succumb to the Op Managers demands of 40 mins,,yet its us drivers who will take the rap if we are involved in an accident and it is proven that we haven't had our required breaks,,by proven,,I mean that the scanners and gps can show no action or movement during the time of inactivity.

Paid meal breaks.

28 Apr 2018, 13:48

No mate he is knowingly make you break the rules. Twat. Go see the union and it no joy up to area. I reckon you have another 20 mins minimum on top but it's got to do with driving hours but 20 at least extra. And it you have an accident it's your licence, livelihood and your manager that will bullying and tell you that he told you what breaks to take. Whoever checks the tachos in your office, to to them and they will be able to tell you because it you did have an accident that would be the FIRST thing they would look at. And don't let him away with there is no breaks on scheduled attendance because your driving hours and regulation exceeds all them.

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