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Parking tickets

18 Apr 2018, 06:08

Cardiff city Council have a zero tolerance on parking ,even for deliveries.
The city centre has pretty much been pedestrianized and access is bollard controlled,and all delivery vehicles must been off the main Queen Street by 10 am,
Having delivered the Queen Street area and moved off into the side streets,,the traffic wardens have been instructed to ticket EVERY vehicle which THEY believe to be illegally parked,using the premise that,,if they appeal ,it will be upheld,but few do so they are on a win win,
As I understand it,,delivery vehicles are allowed to park on double yellow lines as long as they are not blocking a fire exit,or causing an obstruction,,however,the traffic wardens in Cardiff City Centre are ignoring this ruling and doing everyone,,even to the extent of booking one of their own tippers which was parked in a disabled bay next to the area where it was delivering construction materials for the installation of the new bollard control system,,so at least they are consistent,
The city centre shops in this country are really under the cosh,,and its time that every delivery company got together and started to fight back,,
Parcelforce,Royal Mail,TNT,DPD,UPS,Yodel,and other companies relevant delivery managers must get together,,and inform their customers that there will be a blanket ban on ALL deliveries and collections in city centres unless the council end its war on delivery vehicles,,as,,if we cannot get stock to our customers,,our customers cannot sell stock to their customers,,and the shop closes,
How long can Parcelforce keep paying the fines racked up by us drivers who are only doing the job we are paid to do,before they say,,enough is enough,,
And then there is the impending Congestion Charge ,,but that's for a later date,,

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