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First Time Delivery Bonus

21 Mar 2018, 08:30

Can any confirm or deny that the FTDB is written into the Parcelforce contract please,,
Does any Ops Manager have the authority to stop paying this FTDB on a whim?.
As I see it,,the FTDB is exactly what it says,,but due to pressure of work ,it is clearly impossible for a route driver to clear his route on a daily basis,so the ops manager feels its ok to stop paying the bonus to EVERYONE simply because of the sheer volume of work and the unachievable work loads make it impossible to clear the route.
The routes have targets,,so if every driver hits his delivery target,regardless of the workload on his route,which requires him to leave work off,,he is still hitting his tgarget and clearing his route..but the ops manager thinks different,,if the route has a target od 117,,and over 200 items come in for that route,,then clearly that is an unachievable workload work load but the driver is still clearing his targeted route..Is the Ops manager within his rights to withhold the FTDB and has done for 6 months,or will this require action on the part of the union>?

First Time Delivery Bonus

21 Mar 2018, 19:44

This is not a route clearance bonus it is a depot clearance bonus and the depot has to be cleared by 96% on a daily basis , this figure does not include any 739s or COAs . The bonus does increase in increments from 96% to 97% etc etc. We have had the same problem at our depot ironically the scheme pays out better when work is slack and it is not at the managers discretion it is a national decision.

First Time Delivery Bonus

31 Mar 2018, 17:30

We worked through adverse weather condition (not seen since our old depot was marooned by flood water which shut the depot for a few days). We now have regular late trailers, constant breakdown of double deck trailer on arrival, which often results in the 'drivers' taking over the roll and tipping and sorting parcels, which in turn results in late vehicles leaving depot, more 739s and failed parcels at end of day. Further more put under pressure by line managers to clear. My last pay statement showed £16 FTD payment for the last period, At less then £4 a week wow what at an incentive to work flat out :d'oh! :d'oh!

First Time Delivery Bonus

02 Apr 2018, 11:05

It’s a crap outdated and unachievable bonus that is a waste of time. Every day last week I got to 1st drop after 9 am and I’m talking 6 mile from depot. In the new pay agreement it states the FTD bonus will be reviewed and it’s about time.

First Time Delivery Bonus

09 Apr 2018, 06:14

It the FTDB is to be reviewed then you can bet your house that it will be scrapped as its not worth working your socks off for such a pittance.

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