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Redundancy for over 65s

26 Jul 2020, 14:32

My point was ,just wait and see,if it dosent happen fair enough, bought my lottery ticket just in case.

Redundancy for over 65s

26 Jul 2020, 15:23

They recruit something like 10,000 every year, thousands must resign or retire anually; I really can't see anybody being paid off unless it's medical. Any job losses could be easily absorbed in natural turnover.

Redundancy for over 65s

27 Jul 2020, 17:49

HTPostman wrote:
Intercityfirm1970 wrote:I'm 50 and done 34 years service.. Why the hell anyone would want to spend there time doing this s**t in there late 60s must either have dementia or no home life.. If I can hang in till 55 I'm gone to enjoy the rest of my life

Fully agree.

I love the job but don’t understand why some of the older postmen still stick around. Their bodies are broken and they struggle to do their duty and hobble round, they are targeted constantly by management and always say how much they dislike the job. I’d understand if they enjoyed what they do but they don’t.

I just don’t get it. I’m guessing they’ve been here so long they don’t know any different and they are afraid of retiring and being bored.

I’m planning to retire at 45 and fund myself till I get my pension at 55. There’s no way I’ll still be here in my 60s putting daily stress on my body and having a daily battle over what I can and can’t take when I could be on the golf course or in the pool.
. There's a couple of senior (67+70) at our place , both can afford to retire but continue to work / complain about the job . For me if you can afford to retire then let let a young family guy or girl get employment to provide for their families future

Redundancy for over 65s

23 Aug 2020, 19:15

How do I find out about VR eg: when or where it is being offered
but I'm not over 65 I'm in my 50's

Redundancy for over 65s

23 Aug 2020, 19:45

You have to wait for it to be offered unfortunately and unless you're pretty high on the seniority list your chances are pretty slim.

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