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Rm court USO

24 Jun 2020, 17:36

Sir Henry wrote:
Last in first out for job losses.

Wouldnt make a good business plan to sack all the twenty somethings on cheap(er) contracts and keep all the 55+ who would be due to retire soon anyway because their bodies are broken.

Rm court USO

24 Jun 2020, 18:39

The USO is one of the main things that keeps posties in jobs. Its amiable that you are looking for "win-win" situations as I know most posties like Saturdays off, but the biggest loser in not delivering mail on a Saturday is US. It certainly doesn't make Monday any easier when mail has rolled over from the previous Saturday and don't forget that we would be delivering more D2Ds per day with the loss of a Saturday as well - 1/5th instead of 1/6th.

I really don't want to crush your dream of 4 on, 4 off. We trialled it in a different way for a bit but Royal Mail decided it just wasn't cost effective and I suppose the problem with 4 day weeks for the future is that if our indoor workload is going to get reduced then we will have (you guessed it) bigger outdoor spans. I suppose only twentysomethings will manage to do 7 hour delivery spans without being knackered at the end of the day. But lets see what they are like after say, 2 years.... Royal Mail want rid of Wallington's weeks, 4 day weeks and everything else for a uniform 5 day week. Now that might be a Monday to Friday, but its more likely going to be a different day off for everyone. The reason for that is flexibility and it will be a case of you're doing that and you're working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week; next week it will be something completely different.
I am quite intrigue as to how you arrived at 35 hours full-time when its hard enough trying to get an hour off the working week at the moment?
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Rm court USO

24 Jun 2020, 18:52

How did you arrive at 35 hours full-time when its hard enough trying to get an hour off the working week at the moment?[/quote]

Because they are reducing the USO to save money, so to keep the union on side if there is going to be this big change to 5 day USO i guess they would take the opportunity to get full down to the agreement with the union.

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