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Family member ill

07 Feb 2020, 18:24


My mother has a suspected cancer. She is undergoing more tests within a week or two to find out what it is and what her treatment options are.

I live far away from her and am wondering what options I have if I need to take time off to care for her/support her - especially if she has an operation and needs help with recovery or worst case scenario it's terminal.

Thanks in advance.

Family member ill

07 Feb 2020, 19:01

I had similar situation and if I remember rightly I had a few days compassionate leave and took a few more As annual leave.To be fair my manager was very helpful.Have a word with Yours and tellHim the situation.

Family member ill

08 Feb 2020, 17:43

Hi, sorry to hear this. I’d suggest contacting your union rep as there is an agreement in place which entitles you to time off (unpaid) if you are/or will be a carer.

When my Dad was going in to hospital for 2wks I asked for flexible working (I’m day relief and request was to work 7-1 daily so I could make arrangements knowing what time I’d be finished) My verbal request was instantly dismissed. My parents live 120 mile round trip away, and my Mum can no longer drive. There were other issues at home during this time, but I basically ended up being signed off work as there was no way I could juggle everything/drive down to pick my Mum up/hospital visit..

When I returned my union rep told me I should’ve been made aware that there was a procedure in place to try to manage this. My Dad also has early signs of dementia, I’ve been told that I’m entitled to ask for unpaid leave as and when req if at any time I need to go and care for him.

I’m not sure if there’s any option that enables you to have paid leave (apart from being signed off yourself) but worth checking. I didn’t ask further at time because I was fairly stressed out and just took the first answer as final.
I did also request holiday leave but that too was refused when again there should have been a bit more compassion and cooperation on RMs part.
Best of luck!

Family member ill

08 Feb 2020, 18:11

Hi ,Sorry to hear about about your Mum ,This is lifted from the other time off guide

Long-term care of a dependant Dependants’ leave noted above only provides for employees to take reasonable time off to deal with immediate issues and sort out longer-term arrangements where necessary. However, support can be offered to an employee who is providing long term care of a dependant. The manager should talk to the employee to find out how best to support them. • There could be opportunities to support the employee by exploring alternative shift or attendance patterns, or Flexible Working (see the Flexible Working Policy) to help them fulfil their nursing commitment • If the employee requires time off, consideration could be given to granting
VERSION 1 APRIL 2017 Page 4 of 10

unpaid time off for up to six months • Where the employee is looking for a longer period of time off, a Career Break could be considered (see the Career Break Policy) • If taking unpaid time off, pensionable service can be protected by the employee making good their own and Royal Mail Group’s contributions to make the period reckonable. For further information refer to Pensions

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