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12 Aug 2019, 12:35

Had my 3rd oh appointment this morning and been told that they are recommending IHR through the foreseeable future of 9 months off I'm awaiting on spinal surgery. I know that I will get 34 weeks pay plus pilon of 12 weeks. How long does royal mail take to sort this out.


12 Aug 2019, 13:38

Going by the couple of postie's at our place that have taken ihr once it's decided then it's straight away,no messing that's it you're gone.


12 Aug 2019, 13:56

The whole thing will be sorted within a couple of weeks max.


12 Aug 2019, 13:59

Good to know think it's a good time to go as I cant see me being able to do it for quite some time


12 Aug 2019, 14:07

dawsonmcc wrote:Good to know think it's a good time to go as I cant see me being able to do it for quite some time

I wish you well my friend,take care


12 Aug 2019, 19:24

Take care of yourself and best of luck in youre life out of royal mail


14 Aug 2019, 13:01

Got my second OH phone appointment with he Doc next thurs because he's the only one who can recommend IHR is that correct??. I've got spinal stenosis and a slipped disc just hoping he approves mine...good luck outside RM.


14 Aug 2019, 20:00

Mate I feel your pain. I couldn't send you a private message.
I had my first call by a nurse who really asked for permission to contact doc. The 2nd one was a doc who went through all the bollocks that had been sent to them from my doctors and said I should be referred for ihr but bollocks I said at that time. The one I have had on Monday 12/08/19 was the final one where the referral was sent to the big wigs.
And that's me I have got a date to finish on the 24th.
Wish you all the luck. But keep an eye on your pay out have a workout first and question it if it's wrong I have mine all worked out just incase they try to screw me over pal


15 Aug 2019, 13:35

Cheers for that mate like i said had a call with a nurse took loads of info you know the drill, didn't ask for for my medical records from my GP, she said the doctor should make the decision next week. Even though she did say initially she doesn't foresee me returning to work.

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