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11 Aug 2019, 19:06

Any thoughts from older posties who have been in service some 20,30,40 years? What do you think about the job now,how do you cope with the lapsing loaning,and being able to complete etc,are you fed up with the job now and want out? are you bullied for being old and maybe slowing up and always moaning?or do you simply suck it up and get on with your round with little or no interaction with fellow workers and management?im 58 and in my 37th year and becoming very synical,with mismanagement and unfairness and workload fictitious figures etc at every level,and am constantly voicing this in my tell it how it is voice,is it just me?

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11 Aug 2019, 19:26

I've had enough

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11 Aug 2019, 20:02

The company is and has been run very badly and mismanaged for as long as I can remember. I think the crunch point is going to be next year when RM gets the chance to renegotiate the USO. I think, aside from the Labour Party wishing to renationalise RM, that the government may be compelled to take us back on the grounds of national security.

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11 Aug 2019, 20:15

I left last year on ihr i was 58 , I did 24 years for royal mail. The changes from when I first started are drastic to say the least. The job is so much harder now , the bullying of staff is appalling , this did not happen 20 odd years ago. I feel sorry for my old colleagues. I can honesty say after getting ihr was a shock at first but is definitely the best thing that happened to me.

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11 Aug 2019, 20:42

I used to quite enjoy the job but now its just a daily slog,looking forward to getting out next year. :dance :dance

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11 Aug 2019, 21:01

It is an appalling place to work. Management are an embarrassment and should be ashamed of themselves. Bullying is rife, lying is commonplace. I would like to be more positive about the place but that isn't possible.

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11 Aug 2019, 21:34

I know I have said this countless times on this forum [please dont say not again!] but I really loved my job as a postie,best job I ever had that is until the last few years,I used to look forward to going to work and think I was probably too concscientious for my own good,its just how I was,I just wanted to do a good job.
I loved the banter,I dont think that I have laughed so much in a job,in one word I was happy. I felt valued by RM,and by the customers,then it all changed.
The bullying by management started,I used to start to dread going into work wondering how I would be treated and spoken to,and yes I was getting older and knew I wasnt as fast as I used to be,but I still worked bloody hard.I was asked when I would be leaving as they were getting some new younger starters,bloody charming!
RM really know how to treat their long serving posties! I wasnt the only one this happened to,it just seemed as you got older they want you out.
I thought when I left,or should I say felt pushed out I thought at the time RM had won,but no I am the winner I am free,and never have to face the s**t dished out by RM management ever again!!!!!!

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12 Aug 2019, 05:29

I've done over 20 years absolutely hate the job now 15 years till retirement just cannot see me doing it for to much longer exhausted most days sickness at an all time high through stress bad backs knees and god knows what else we are not machines if we keep being pressured to do more work get quicker we break down

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12 Aug 2019, 07:37

Been in 30 years, the first 12 years been great loking back, didn't think so at the time as it was just another working day, but compared to today it was the good old days, its true you don't know what you got until its gone, the job has changed considerably since then, for some reason the back stabbing by my colleagues has gone up, d2d dumping, snitching, there's little cameradre, the muppets still run around trying to finish early, I now just stick to doing the job properly and mark time until my retirement date, which can't come soon enough, in the meantime I always remember that the job pay rate is better than other jobs outside for the same level of skills which makes it a little bit easier.

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12 Aug 2019, 14:02

Many thanks for the replies,it’s not just me then?as I’ve said on here before my boss tells me maybe it’s not the job for you anymore (after37 years maybe not) I certainly don’t think it’s doing him any favours,he looks a worried man every day,with the pressures on him,lovely bloke but a manager he certainly ain’t.i thought the just get on with it fraternity would be on my case but hoped they understand just a bit,half the office want to see more of the boss to be here and manage the other half don’t and happy for us to bitch amongst ourselves,I think he knows I’ve been here years and pretty good at my job,but it’s not hard to be fair and have great customers,day off today back tomorrow for wtll! I simply can’t wait for his inspirational delivery on that.your work is done in this office I say time for you to move on!

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12 Aug 2019, 14:12

Got a few decades under My belt and I’m in My fifties. Wouldn’t mind leaving at 60. Will certainly look into it. Too physical and tiring now. If someone asked Me too walk 6 miles a day I’d say Your having a laugh but I’m doing it without even thinking about it on delivery. Jobs ridiculous now and gonna get worse.

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12 Aug 2019, 15:00

You really cant afford to take comments from managers personally. Especially if your manager can't also cope with the pressures of the job because maybe its not the job for him either? :hmmmm

Since privatisation the job has changed beyond all recognition. Often we can't complete and it does lead to some frustration trying to get work taken off. I've found that with Royal Mail managers, they tend to be quick to give staff extra work but they soon disappear once they are aware that the sh*t starts to hit the fan.

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12 Aug 2019, 15:02

Over 20 years in. I don't hate the job but I do dislike the way 'corporate management' is increasingly squeezing the workforce and introducing change very poorly. If redundancy was offered, voluntarily or otherwise, I wouldn't be sad. Otherwise I'll probably stick for another few years but I suspect very radical change will be coming much sooner than we might hope.

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12 Aug 2019, 15:06

scoobydo79 wrote:Got a few decades under My belt and I’m in My fifties. Wouldn’t mind leaving at 60. Will certainly look into it. Too physical and tiring now. If someone asked Me too walk 6 miles a day I’d say Your having a laugh but I’m doing it without even thinking about it on delivery. Jobs ridiculous now and gonna get worse.

If you are waking 6 miles a day good luck to you. In our office our walks are about 12 to 13 miles & between 800 to 1000 calls.

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12 Aug 2019, 16:04

I've done over 30 years don't do lapsing unless really an easy day which is few and far between nowadays, on a rural so big increase of parcels is my absorption. Come in on time have break before leave office and a short one on delivery when re arranging parcels. Still scratch my head at the runners how can they not see all around them? Lapsing, increase in part time duties etc.
Am planning to go at sixty but would go tomorrow if offered EVR despite this I do like the job once you get outside the office, people in the main are good and always like to receive a parcel.

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