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Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

11 Jul 2019, 18:58

Well we was meant to absorb this week in our office and so far it’s been so ineffective due to this and that i.e Mail and parcel volumes that the so called walk is handed out on o/t instead. It’s so badly managed it’s laughable.......billy smarts jumps to mind......tension is getting to its highest as a few posties want to fight each other and then there’s the cutting off crew v the we’re the best because we finish crew......a day in the life of a postie eh......I think I see a book or better still a good film chance arising.......

Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

11 Jul 2019, 19:54

I think we need to build up official statistics within the RM system that it isn't always possible for every or some posties to do absorption on a regular or occasional basis. So if you are fairly sure you won't have time to complete your duty & absorption within your duty time you should raise it with your DOM and leave it to them to cover what you cannot deliver. RM tends to exploit our conscientiousness and willingness to keep ' our customers ' happy so we need to bear that in mind.
I will put my hand up and admit to not using the overrunning procedure when I am fairly sure I will go over duty time. I, and I expect most posties, would like to get all the mail delivered every day and take a pride in doing so. I don't think the overrunning procedure and the ability to book overtime if we choose to go over duty time is as user friendly as it could be. We need to overcome any guilty feelings and make an attempt to rectify the situation.

Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

11 Jul 2019, 20:20

I think we all know what a load of s**t this is and rm use jumped up traffic figures from years ago :crazy: and try and convince the workforce there is time and scope to do this :crazy: , 1, imo they use traffic is down figures ? is that mail ( letters are down) or parcels/packets (and these are through the roof) ? 2, we have all lost time off the working day due to the 1 hour off the working week ie 12 or 15 mins a day , BUT the indoor work hasn't dropped , so its simple start on time , take your breaks , and use the methods and if you don't have time bring the f****r back , I think we all need to show this company how far behind they are instead of making it work in cutting corners .

Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

11 Jul 2019, 21:49

My office has declared that we'll all be doing extra summer lapsing, and that also because it's summer (and supposedly lighter) they don't want to pay overtime. Trouble's not that light at all. This week especially has been pretty heavy nearly every day. The 'solution' has been to stream non-tracked parcels. It's absolutely ridiculous. There are guys with two yorks full of undelivered parcels before the day's mail even comes in. And management still don't want to pay overtime to clear all this out. It's asking the impossible, and I really can't understand the mindset. Obviously somewhere higher up the chain it has been decided that this is how it's gonna be, but whoever makes these decisions is so far removed from the actual job of delivering mail that they expect the impossible. Something's got to give...

Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

11 Jul 2019, 22:21

bardeh wrote:The 'solution' has been to stream non-tracked parcels.

Streaming isn't allowed, if the DOM insists on you doing streaming then make sure you get it in writing (and signed) that the DOM is instructing you to do so. Otherwise if the s**t hits the fan the DOM will just deny ever instructing you to stream mail and will probably conduct code you

Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

11 Jul 2019, 22:24

Or get Area to ring them and ask if they're REALLY streaming mail as a resource tool.

Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

11 Jul 2019, 22:42

streaming a big no no , flag it up .

Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

12 Jul 2019, 00:52

worktotime wrote:streaming a big no no , flag it up .

So is refusing a reasonable managers instruction even if you did find someone does give a flying f**k they would still harang you out of the business quicker than you can ever think about it.

Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

12 Jul 2019, 16:53

Flag it up anonymously.

There you go.

So a 'reasonable' request is any request including things that are widely known to be dodgy AF?

Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

12 Jul 2019, 17:05

On our section we all stick together apart from one old time postie & refuse any lapsing, it's usually taken out by a part timer. :left:

Absorption.....a dirty RM word!!

12 Jul 2019, 18:14

It's also a very expensive word. It costs them more in fuel, numerous vans going to the same area and paying over the odds because they beg people to do the parts that are not delivered.

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