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10 Jun 2019, 16:34

Hi all

I’m not sure where I stand on this but my doctor has signed me off full duties for 2 weeks where I cannot carry anything but said I can do light duties.

I hurt my shoulder last week from carrying bags that were too heavy and it’s completely strained and hurt my carrying shoulder.
I didn’t know about the bag weight limits until now and hadn’t been informed of different limits. I was doing blocks of flats with no lifts and I was carrying around 20-25kg. Part my fault for not using common sense that it was just too heavy but also I didn’t get informed of any weight limits and I didn’t even know we had scales to weigh bags until now.

Where do I stand in terms of light duties? Do they have to provide light duties or can they just send me home? I don’t get sick pay yet so I’m a bit screwed if I don’t work. I’m capable of putting Mail in frames etc and last week I saw 2 staff doing that who were on light duties.

I’ve been put on enquiries office tomorrow but from then on I don’t know!!

Also where do I stand if they play up and refuse to provide me light duties? I need to find out who my health and safety rep is as I’ve hurt myself because I did not know the bag limits. I wish I had as it would change the way I do routes completely and prevent this happening!

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10 Jun 2019, 16:50

Back years ago when we had bikes I think the bag limit was 16kg but it was common to have about 25kg in each bag. We had more letters to deliver in those days though. I think the pouch weight limit is 11kg now and you meant to use the LWT trolley where practical. Rules like taking breaks, using LWTs, and pouch weight limits are not generally enforced though in RM nowadays and training given to new posties leaves a lot to be desired.
I hope your shoulder and back recovers soon.

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10 Jun 2019, 16:54

Thought all the H&S was taught in the induction but obviously not in your case. As you didn't know the weight limit , was you taught the correct delivery method for the duty like a light weight trolley etc ? Light duties can be used , but if your unit is over staffed on these you could be moved to another unit. If there are no options for light duties they could send you home. The local rep should have introduced himself on your first day and should have pointed out the H&S rep if your unit has one. If not try to contact the area rep , usually they hide out at your MC.

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10 Jun 2019, 18:40

I can remember watching a h&s video early on but it was how to pick up a heavy box and how to push a york. I don't really remember being told bag weights and certainly not 5kg for a block of flats and 16kg for normal carrying. I can't fully remember but I need to know where I stand in the event they try to blame me.

It's a tricky one!

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10 Jun 2019, 20:29

Another typical sweep under the carpet job,you would have known if you had said training,and no doubt had to sign paperwork to say so,I guess they skipped that as they do with everything in this company now with regard to training and doing things properly,get your boss to examine you,they seem to have a final say over a gp if your fit for work etc

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10 Jun 2019, 22:03

If your H&S rep is owt like ours all he does is keep his head down and do the bare minimum and the screws leave him alone on his piss easy singleton duty. No wonder he keeps changing his mind about wrapping in the rep position .

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11 Jun 2019, 19:12

Sir Henry wrote:If your H&S rep is owt like ours all he does is keep his head down and do the bare minimum and the screws leave him alone on his piss easy singleton duty. No wonder he keeps changing his mind about wrapping in the rep position .

Sounds like ours. Except ours tends to do lapsing, plus "overtime", and still get done before his proper finish time.... :roll:

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Yesterday, 16:45

Well its got quite bad with myself and the managers now. I don't get sick pay so my DOM managed to get me some light jobs around the depot, enquiry office etc. My doctor knew my situation so gave me a Dr's note to say I can do light duties but no carrying etc. It was going well however every day I have been sent out delivering to help someone struggling or to do some missed tracked or do a row on a frame where someone has left some behind. I said it hurt to turn the steering wheel on the van, I couldn't pull a LWT with my damaged arm but I could pull it with the other but I can't carry the bundle in the same hand I'm using to pull the trolley..... it goes on. I have been sent out and mucked about because they see me as well enough to do it despite me telling them I can't and my Dr's note telling them.

I gave my Dr's note to one of my managers but when I sat down with my DOM I asked if she had seen it and she hadn't which is fairly crucial! I have a copy thankfully if it suddenly becomes lost or non existent to them!

Today was the final straw when they gave me and a colleague half a frame to do AND lapsing. When I looked at the frame it was ALL BLOCKS OF FLATS! I can't carry a bag or pull a LWT without pain and my Dr's note states not to do that so WHY?!!! I went storming into the office to ask them what I was supposed to do and I was just fobbed off, no eye contact, do what you need to do to get it done etc etc. I said a few words and huffed and left the office.

I really don't know what do. You fight to prevent getting injured because after all this is my career but my injury has worsened because of being sent out delivering.

So in a nutshell what is my next step? I was injured within a workplace with a bag that was way too heavy. No injury at work incident was filled out despite telling management immediately when I get back from the round.

I don't have any paper record of being taught about bag weights and don't recall being trained on that. My workplace coaching paperwork (I'm 9 months in) just says LWT and a tick, doesn't go into detail of weights and I never used a LWT when I was coached as it was a HWT round. So as much as I don't want to, I am going to have to go down the route of speaking to my health and safety rep (I have no idea who that is!) and doing things formally, picking up on their errors.

I also want to know if they provide physio as its a workplace injury and caused by lack of training and its preventing me from working with them. Shoulder has increasingly got worse.

I am at my wits end and so fed up. Today I saw the other side to the management and I just feel really let down. Trouble is if I kick up a stink, my life won't be worth living at the depot and they will find a way to get rid of me. The DOM has managed to remove people one by one.

Any advice?

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Yesterday, 19:18

best advice is talk to union rep, and if no help then go to the area rep, you need their backup, you could try fighting it alone but itll be a lonely battle and if you dont know the rules & regs you will get stitched up.
If youve given them a copy of the drs note and theyve insisted you go out and take stuff out as you have and its made the injury worse or created a new injury then they could very well be liable. Mention this to your rep, the managers have dug a bit of a hole for themselves as it be difficult for them to argue they havent seen the drs note as theyve made efforts to alter your day to day duties.
Start keeping notes of everything, dates you saw dr, dates you gave in the copy of fit note to your manager, dates you were made to go onto delivery.

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Yesterday, 19:51

If you packed the bag yourself then decided to carry it then it is all your fault. The max weight for when carrying a bag on your shoulder is 5kg

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Yesterday, 22:05

number one wrote:If you packed the bag yourself then decided to carry it then it is all your fault. The max weight for when carrying a bag on your shoulder is 5kg

Ffs read ops post they had no idea what bag limits were so how is their fault. just maybe the training in rm is so s**t it actually might be rms fault. Then again with all your ghost ot you will freely defend rm.

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