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Zenith Car Lease Scam - Left RM

11 Apr 2019, 23:50

Okay so I left RM and got my final paycheck. Meant to be £3k odds but they left me with £63. The car lease I got that still has 3 years to run wiped it out. Now t hey want even more cuz I can't keep the lease. Have no choice to keep it but they're treating me like breaking the agreement. Surely this is illegal?

Left me with nothing and no car?

And yes I know it's in the terms and conditions but if u think about it. "Here's a loan" "oh no actually we've changed our minds but were gonna charge u for breaking the agreement"

Zenith Car Lease Scam - Left RM

12 Apr 2019, 16:29

The contract isn't with RM though it's with the financing company Zenith or who ever it is and i'm sure it states in the T&Cs that if you leave or anything happens it is still your responsibility to still make the payments. On top of all that anyone who uses the RM thing to buy/lease ANYTHING must out of their mind as there's loads better options out there and you'd save a fortune looking about.

Zenith Car Lease Scam - Left RM

12 Apr 2019, 16:45

I'd happily still keep the lease on I'm not allowed to tho and I was bankrupt whne took it on

Zenith Car Lease Scam - Left RM

14 Apr 2019, 12:44

I've got a zenith deal from work, but before I took it I went to a dealer and asked them for what they could offer me, I told them what I could get from work, the salesman said he couldn't match it let alone beat it so I went with zenith

Zenith Car Lease Scam - Left RM

14 Apr 2019, 12:51

Well found out thankfully ur insured for if u leave rm so I don't need to pay the 40 percent of remaining lease payments. Still think 200 collection is a cheek tho

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