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Declaration of war.

28 Feb 2019, 07:58

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Declaration of war.

28 Feb 2019, 08:03

postmanzach wrote:
SpacePhoenix wrote:
matt_1983 wrote:and if we happen to get back early we’re regulary talked to as if we’re naughty children and given parcels or even loops to take back out. Its just so wrong.

It's the right thing to do, job and finish was axed years ago (Pay & Mod agreement iirc). If people are finishing early too often, higher up will just add up the total number of hours that the DO staff are finishing early each week, and remove them hours from the budget. Then everyone will just end up with more delivery points on their walk or more lapsing

You say that and I thought that’s what would happen with PDA actuals, but it’s not happening in our office. We got same town rounds coming back 1-2hours early every day where as rurals come back late everyday. If you come back over an hour early and there is work to do you should be happy to go and do it, you and being paid for it. Yet management don’t make it happen, they pay people overtime to do it. Makes no sense to me.

Probably only a matter of time before they do take hours out. My guess is that higher up are focusing on to start off with DOs where many staff are making a load of time and then working their way through every DO

Declaration of war.

28 Feb 2019, 09:50

Our Dom is more focused on the people coming back late and why. I’m happy tbh with way things are as the people that comeback early don’t bother with overtime so I can do all that is left if I want it. Just think it’s a big waste of money.

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