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Would you leave?

10 Oct 2018, 22:53

After 9 years as a postie & most of my 20’s I’m now considering a change in career. The way the company is going I don’t think many people my age will last into their 50’s let alone retiring age. I honestly feel Royal Mail is becoming horrendous to work for, anyone near retiring age now would probably leave in a heartbeat only for pensions or the hope of an IHR offer. That being said I’ve started applying for jobs elsewhere & have been offered a few interviews next week. It’s early days yet, but if given the chance would you leave? Or am I crazy to leave? :hmmmm

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 05:14

I'm 44, done 18 years and agree with you, there's no way I'll still be physically able to do this job beyond 50 (if I last that long)
The pain in my knees and ankles is almost constant now, I've been taking some expensive joint supplements this year but they seem to have had zero effect.
If you've got other opportunities I'd definitely get out now whilst you're still young

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 06:57

It all depends on your circumstances. Where I live there is 0% chance of a better paid job for me without going to university/retraining.
You have the right mentality though. It's clear you will be in the minority to make it to retirement age in good health the way the company is. The delivery spans are a recipe for hip and knee replacements.

In no way do I expect to be able to do the job in 20 years time. A few days a week maybe.

The advice to all young people entering the business should be make additional contributions to your pension fund and be in a position financially to retire early. So many of the older guys in our office have given their bodies to RM and the thanks they've received is nothing but stage 1s and intimidation to keep working like a 20 year old. It is a disgrace.

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 07:15

You are REALLY not alone.....

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 07:59

I do wonder if in years to come delivery staff will end up on zero hours ("gig economy") contracts? Mind you that's potentially more job security then us in MCs if RM do end up automating most of the work in MCs in the years to come

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 08:22

I'm leaving this week. There are a number of reason for getting out, but one of them is for the reason you are saying. I'm young ish, and feel if I stay doing this my knees, hips, back...will be knackered and probably won't be able to get to retirement age. I weighed up what was best for me long term. Good luck to you whichever way it works out.

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 08:54

I'm looking.... want to be out by Xmas... I am so sick of fighting for everything.... my finish time, my driving test, my annual leave, my overtime.... feel like I am constantly rowing in the office... just can't be bothered anymore....

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 09:05

I left a couple of months ago. Loved the job but.....similar reasons to those above that have posted plus a couple of personal circumstance which meant it was making home life a struggle.

Love my new job and last week in an appraisal I was told to slow down. I work too hard and should just sit down and relax every now and again. The complete opposite to how I was treated by unappreciative managers at RM how just asked for more and more each time you achieved. I don’t regret leaving Royal Mail as much I enjoyed the job it did seem they expected your whole life to be revolving around the company.

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 09:22

If I cannot get the overtime I am due sorted out and get the manager to treat me with respect then yup I will definitely walk.

Been there 9 weeks and every day has been a challenge - physically and emotionally. I love being out on delivery and the people are great but I hate the daily fighting for your rights and the horrible atmosphere in the DO created by the DOM. 9 weeks have never felt so long.
There is so much more to life than taking the crap RM has to deal. If I stay at RM and nothing changes then my mental health and wellbeing will be at risk. There are plenty of other jobs out there - perhaps not as well paid, but money cannot always be the decider. I would rather be penniless and happy than comfortable and miserable.

RM and CWU have so many policies to protect the staff from all of the crap but it makes no damn difference. I have never worked in such a chaotic and unpleasant place. before - and I'm old, with loads of work experience!

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 10:27

Thanks for the reply’s! I’m so glad I’m not alone in thinking this way. I love the job too, out on delivery is great. But I’m not prepared to give my body & health to Royal Mail. I see a few older guys in the office that can barely walk. If I stay I’ll end up like that, thanks but no thanks. Yes the money is good, but a someone said money isn’t everything! Good luck to all who are looking out too... I’ll update with any news if I stay or if I go! Hopefully it will be the latter!

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 10:40

I left 3 months ago with I'll health retirement ( knackered back) I'm 58 so I'm now semi retired , got a part time job. I don't miss RM at all , no bullying from management no stress etc , it's the best thing that has happened to me getting signed off with ihr. I did 22 years at RM and the job has got progressively worse year upon year. I feel sorry for the rest of you who still work there especially at Christmas ( good luck).

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 13:39

Your not alone. 9 years been a postie and can no longer do the job physically or mentally. Legs are gone since the larger walking spans were introduced. Been off sick now for 5 months. Have started to go through the IHR route however the thought of being subjected to meetings every week and the constant pressure to return to work, i've decided to cut my losses and just get another job. Have been offered another full time job, with £1 an hour less than with RM however more hours and certainly not as physical as RM is so looking to hand in my notice as soon as i receive a written contract offer.

The job is a shadow of the one i used to love.

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 15:04

It’s not that bad! You should use trollies and pace yourself I’ve given up charging around and feel a lot better for it ! I never carry bag unless very light and take breaks on delivery, it is tiring but I find if you don’t go too fast it does help and if Dom doesn’t like it just cut off and get union involved this job is demanding and everyone needs to do it by book or else injuries are going to get s lot worse plus very few if any jobs unless qualified will pay the same

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 15:26

No, I won't leave this job by choice. I haven't got a trade or any qualifications, so getting a better paid job would be near impossible. I suspect as automation drives forward though leaving may not be a choice of mine. Who knows what the company will look like in 20 or 30 years? They'll be no such thing as post I'd have thought.

Would you leave?

11 Oct 2018, 15:49

postietom wrote:No, I won't leave this job by choice. I haven't got a trade or any qualifications, so getting a better paid job would be near impossible. I suspect as automation drives forward though leaving may not be a choice of mine. Who knows what the company will look like in 20 or 30 years? They'll be no such thing as post I'd have thought.

Mail/post will still be used, it's not going anywhere. There will be less no doubt but not totally unused. It's another method for advertisers to reach its audience, so they will continue to use it.

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