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Lockers / breakfast

12 Sep 2018, 11:02

I've just been offered a job as a postwoman with driving and I'm trying to plan my daily routine as it's a half hour drive from my home and I start at 6.20am.

I'm wondering how people manage to have a coffee and breakfast before their shift; do you eat / drink at work before you start? If so, do you have a secure place to store food and coffee so they don't get pinched? I just want to make sure I can squeeze in a bowl of porridge and a coffee before I get going.

Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this question. Thanks

Lockers / breakfast

12 Sep 2018, 14:23

Most DOs have a canteen area to take breaks etc- some with food prep on site.
Some don't.
But all tend to have a drinks/snack machine somewhere.

Sometimes there are lockers on site, sometimes not. Might be worth popping down and having a word with some posties.

On actual breaks, Royal Mail has breaks based on the hours you are doing that day, not based on your contract hours.

7 hours gets you 30 minutes break, more gets you a 40-minute break or 2 20 minutes. Most take at least some of their break after prep and before going out on delivery (but not all). It tends to be up to you and your partner to a greater or lesser extent.

Lockers / breakfast

12 Sep 2018, 14:29

most DOs have canteens, with some facilities, microwave, hot water dispenser, fridge. Some people eat by their frames, others take a proper break in the canteen before they go out. I'd imagine you'd have access to an over priced and poor quality hot drink vending machine, its fine to drink this as you work if you are on a frame prepping. I usually have a meal replacement/ protein shake such as Huel, and in winter might have a hot drink that I take in with me in a thermos mug. Give it a few days you'll see what the lie of the land is.......all the best

Lockers / breakfast

12 Sep 2018, 15:42

I think most of the posties at our DO have some breakfast at home before they leave for work. I think quite a few bring some food in as well - sandwiches etc - to break off and eat part way through delivery. I used to bring some fruit, cake etc in to eat but the actual delivery span is so long now I don't bother. I might bring some water but often not.
Other posties won't usually steal your food or stuff so you don't need to worry about that. We aren't thieves although RM equipment such as trays, mail pouches, waterproof coats, elastic bands etc have a tendency to go 'missing'. :wink:
I'm painting a slightly bad picture but once you get used to it the actual job is still enjoyable even though we all grumble and get angry. The actual job is alright - it's all the flack coming from above that is the problem. If you can stick with it through the initial phase of learning the job you should be fine. There is no middle ground with this job - you will either throw in the towel after twenty days or you will still be a postie in twenty years time!

Lockers / breakfast

12 Sep 2018, 21:08

no ones gonna steal your food, i mean at least ive never heard of it before. If it ever did happen then id be more concerned with using a locker, but its likely you wont need one.
A lot of people bring a backpack in they have their breakfast and other bits in that they can bring to the frame, this can be common for new starters who dont have a permanent duty so dont have a consistent frame to store their stuff at.
As for when to take breakfast, theres no rules, some people have it pre work, some eat on their break and some just chill out on their break. And others dont take their breaks at all, but we wont talk about them right now - take your break !

Lockers / breakfast

12 Sep 2018, 23:03

There's lockers at our place, literally nothing else mind! As you're unsure I'd take a rucksack as suggested above, it'll only be for one day worst comes to worst.

People eat and drink at different periods, I generally don't eat at work to be honest as I've never been a big breakfast person so just wait till I've finished at 2. For a drink I freeze a bottle of squash the night before, keeps it cool as it comes on delivery with me! Some eat before going out on delivery and others out while on delivery. The choice is yours really. Although there's no eating or drinking on the work floor at our office, you go upstairs or outside depending on what you want to do.

Lockers / breakfast

13 Sep 2018, 14:32

Don't drink too much coffee before you go out on delivery , a lot of walks you might struggle to find somewhere for a toilet break. Most postie's usually have a break about half way round there walk. Best thing bring in a back pack with a drink etc.

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