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Holbeck DO to merge with Leeds city DO

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Royal Mail press ahead with Holbeck office closure

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Royal Mail have announced today (13 February 2018) that they are to proceed with the closure of Holbeck Delivery Office, but postal workers are threatening industrial action to stop the move.


As previously reported, Royal Mail’s plan is to close the office on New Princess Street and move the operation to their City office, located off the Armley Gyratory system in LS12. At the final meeting of the consultation process this morning, Royal Mail managers informed the Communications Workers Union (CWU) of their decision to proceed with the move.

There have already been public protests and a petition against the move. Today the CWU lodged a formal “disagreement” and reported that members were urging the union to organise a ballot for industrial action “as quickly as possible.” Plans are also being drawn up for further public protests.

The union has cited many problems with the move including lack of workspace, welfare facilities and parking for staff, customers and red vans. In addition they point to the difficulty of reaching the site, especially at peak times. The City Delivery Office is located on Holts Crest Way behind the Harley Davison showroom on Wellington Road (A58).

In a statement, Royal Mail said:

“There will be no impact on deliveries to our customers as a result of this move. The postmen and women who work in Holbeck delivery office will continue to serve the local community, delivering a high quality service to our customers.

“If customers choose to collect mail from us because they were not at home when we tried to deliver it, they will be able to do this from the customer service point at Leeds City delivery office. This will be open considerably longer than the office at Holbeck, including until 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The office is also open on Sundays.

“Holbeck customers do not have to travel to Leeds City to pick up their mail if they do not want to or are unable to do so. Royal Mail can now leave many mail items with a neighbour if customers are not at home when we attempt delivery. Customers can nominate a dedicated neighbour to take in their parcels by filling in a form at their delivery office.

“Customers can also arrange a redelivery free of charge on a day that is convenient for them (including Saturdays), or Royal Mail can deliver the item to a different address within the same postcode area. This service can be arranged by calling the number on the “Something for You” card we leave or by visiting our website at”

Royal Mail are hoping to have the move finalised by June.

Holbeck DO to merge with Leeds city DO

13 Feb 2018, 18:00

Cichlid wrote:

Seen a lot of mergers being announced recently :thumbdown

Holbeck DO to merge with Leeds city DO

13 Feb 2018, 18:05

Could Holbeck handle 17 tonners?

Holbeck DO to merge with Leeds city DO

14 Feb 2018, 15:24

SpacePhoenix wrote:Could Holbeck handle 17 tonners?


Royal Mail press ahead with Holbeck office closure

14 Feb 2018, 17:34

There will be about 900 to 930 do,s left in the next seven to ten years. All class 1 drivers will be outsourced, other mail centres will close with some becoming regional distribution centres supplying mail processing units/ mega do,s. The only good thing to come is that over 60% of managers will not be with RM in five years time maybe just a little later. Anybody want to put a bet on. :evil/mad

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