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Anyone help of a health issue??

09 Feb 2018, 17:58

Hi Peeps

New to this forum but not new to royal mail 25 years this year
Don't know what section to put this topic in or where to start but hopefully someone will point me in the right direction
I broke my scaphoid in my wrist around 7 years ago out of work and Over the years the pain got worse due to holding my bundle of mail in said hand and carrying parcels and mech trays it never healed and I developed changes in my radioscaphoid joint and developed arthritis. I have been to see the doctor over the last few years and finally had a operation to see if it would ease the pain. I had 3 weeks over work and it was still painful so the doctor gave me a sick note for an extra 4 weeks off. I knew the phone call to the boss was going to a lovely call...not !!! As most managers they don't believe you and just want another holiday. I rang to tell him and was immediately told that they will get the royal mail doctor involved. I was happy to go back to work inside but was told there was no indoor work available but to take a small part of my round and build it up gradually. Didn't take long for them to pressure me into doing it quicker and didn't help my wrist one bit. Unfortunately the op never worked and had to go back to hospital to have another consultation and was given the bad news that the only operation they would do next is a full wrist fusion which they will do in April if I want it. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. The surgeon has told me if I look after my wrist and put less pressure on it I can go for at least 2 years before it deteriorates futher. The operation will take me out of work for at least 4 months and then there is months of rehabilitation. I haven't helped by cutting corners by holding bigger bundles, carrying parcels etc so i can get my job done in time and not go over.As my boss gave me a tracker in my van because he didn't believe me when i said i couldn't get it done at times and didn't want to go over my time.I was going to speak to the delivery manager and my supervisor, maybe a union rep to explain my situation next week and to ask to give me support and maybe understand that i may be slower and won't be getting back in time and will have to claim at times and if the pain gets worse then i may need help.Only problem is that i have a supervisor who makes you feel like s**t if you ask for help and checks up on you.I have a letter from the hospital which explains my outcome etc. I trained to become a barber last year and have my qualifcations and was looking to leave royal mail this year due to my job making my wrist worse.But if i have the wrist fused it will make my job as a barber very difficult so on hearing that has made me depressed and looks like i will be a postman for a longer than I intended to be.I know i should have spoke to HR or someone about how working has made my wrist worse a while ago but sadly i didn't.Anyone have advice what i should do.

Regards a depressed postie at the moment

Anyone help of a health issue??

09 Feb 2018, 18:16

don't you have a union rep in work ??

Anyone help of a health issue??

09 Feb 2018, 18:50

Yes I have. Just seeing if there is other routes to protect my health. He isn't the best union rep tbh.

Anyone help of a health issue??

09 Feb 2018, 19:02

Yours is a complicated issue a normal IR rep would be the wrong person to go to.

You need to speak to the local H&S Rep and if there isn't one that the Area Safety Rep. There is also the HELP service Royal Mail promote

Anyone help of a health issue??

10 Feb 2018, 17:30

Hi went on that website couldn't see where to get advice. Not sure if we have a h&s rep, I will ask about.

Anyone help of a health issue??

10 Feb 2018, 18:56

This is a disgrace? Have they referred you to occupational health? If not, why not? I’m pretty sure arthritis is covered under the equality act 2010.

“The 2010 Equality Act (Disability Discrimination Act in Northern Ireland) makes it unlawful for employers to treat anyone with arthritis or a related condition less favourably than anyone who doesn't have that condition, in these key areas:“

If it was me I would be putting in a grievance stating that I believe I’m being discrimated because of my disability and that I feel that the business are trying to make me quit because of it. I’d mention in the grievance if this goes to tribunal it could be seen as constructive dismissal if I’m forced to leave.
I’d also put a bullying and haresment form in, demand that it’s heard as bullying and harassment and NOT a grievance as they’re always so so keen to downgrade it to a grievance.

Get your area health and safety rep on this ASAP, phone your branch if you can’t get hold of them. If you can’t get through phone higher up until you get answers.

I’d also recommend emailing MOYa at asking for why managers deem it ok to treat staff in such a way

Anyone help of a health issue??

10 Feb 2018, 21:30

When your condition developed into your radioscaphoid and arthritis was diagnosed by your GP and you were off for a period of 7 weeks were you referred to OH Assist for a report on your condition and if so what was their recommendations in relation to your condition being covered within the equality act and any rehabilitation period offered or physiotherapy.?
If so then the manager should have followed the guidelines requested by OH Assist and any deviation should have been bounced back to OH Assist that the management usage of you is aggravating your condition and a 2nd stage grievance would have been in order to keep your delivery manager in check.
Due to the nature of the work your wrist would be in continual use and it would be difficult to find a niche for you in a function where the use of your wrist would be limited other than using your hand that is not effected and I am assuming you do not want to go the IHR route if it was offered to you.
Never the less the work allocated to you at present cannot continue as it could have a detrimental effect for your proposed operation in April for a full fusion and this needs to be brought to the attention of your H&S representative.
You have a long service record with the company and I am also assuming that apart from your present condition your absence record is reasonable and would it be possible to refrain from working until your operation in April where the prognosis of your condition may be favourable and eventually a return to your normal duties and if you can support this from your surgeons report.
The usual crap you get back from management is to use your good hand more often although this might not be your natural hand and would certainly slow you down considerably as you have indicated but my preference would be long term sick until the further operation in April and raise this point with H&S representative and a further referral to OH Assist.
Good luck.

Anyone help of a health issue??

11 Feb 2018, 06:16

Phone your branch & ask for your equality officer.

Anyone help of a health issue??

11 Feb 2018, 07:53

Thank you for the replies guys. What is IHR?
My wrist is getting worse that's why I took my course in barbering as it will be less strain in my wrist and bit my dominent hand and I need to look at leaving Royal mail due to this. I never expected the last consultation at the hospital to be a total fusion of the wrist as the next step. It's the last thing I wanted and I want to leave that as the last resort and manage my wrist as much as I can. But the only way I can see that happening is by leaving Royal Mail as I have been told there is no indoor work. My manage suggested I take a trolly and take mail out bit by bit. All great in hindsight but that would take ages and I'm expected to do it all. The other alternative was that there was a employee leaving soon and he has a route which works out the van mostly. But that won't happen UnTill a few months and I know that may upset people as that is one of the better routes in my office. Hat talking to my boss because he does make you feel you like rubbish. I want to pursue my career iin barbering but it will be short lived if I keep working the way I am and to have 5he wrist fused sooner than expected. . I do enjoy my job, less more lately since massive changes of pressure to get more work done in the same time with scanning, more parcels etc. But work with some great people helps. But my health comes first.

Anyone help of a health issue??

11 Feb 2018, 10:09

IHR is I'll health retirement a friend of mine got it when he had a bad shoulder problem.Not sure of the payout involved but someone else on here will know the details I'm sure. Good luck with your wrist problems.

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